Avoiding Road Rage

Avoiding Road Rage
Avoiding Road Rage
Avoiding Road Rage

Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

If you find yourself driving a little too fast, honking your horn a bit too often, and getting irritated by other road users, then it is possible that you are an aggressive driver and might be susceptible to road rage. If you are wondering exactly what this means, there is a working definition that describes road rage as a traffic offense that endangers life or property, or even a definition that describes it as assault with a deadly weapon on another vehicle or on people.

Being an aggressive driver is not a crime, however it is a traffic offense. Road rage on the other hand is a criminal offense and is punished as such. According to Jason E. Taylor, cases of aggressive driving and road rage place automobile drivers and motorcycle riders at especially great risk. They may be deliberately forced into dangerous situations and accidents by aggressive drivers.

How do you know if you are an aggressive driver? The list below will help you discover that. If you typically do any of these bad driving behaviors, you may need to re-think your driving habits.

-Tailgating: When you drive too closely to the vehicle in front of you, you are displaying aggressive behavior and can provoke road rage.

-Lane Blocking: If you find that you are often reluctant to let other vehicles overtake you and you usually block the passing lane, it is a sign that you are probably an aggressive driver.

-Wrong use of your signal: Your signal should be used when you want to switch lanes and should be turned off once you have made the switch. If you use it to prompt another vehicle to take action or you cut another driver off, it is aggressive behavior.

-Using gestures: Another sign that you are an aggressive driver is the use of obscene gestures when driving, such as raising the middle finger to someone else. These actions have been known to trigger road rage in other drivers.

Keeping Calm

When you remain calm while driving, you bring down your stress levels. Driving in traffic can be very stressful, and even a gentle-tempered person can be provoked into becoming an aggressive driver. Here are a few tips to keep you relaxed as you drive.

-Keep Calm – This is easier said than done, however a little self-awareness can go a long way. Get to know what your triggers are, and avoid those things just before you have to drive. Give the other drivers the benefit of the doubt, and try not to react to aggressive driving behaviors from others.

-Do Not Drive When Angry – If you are already angry even before you get into your vehicle, chances are you will succumb to aggressive driving or even road rage. Take a deep breath and try to wait it out until you are calmer.

-Have Your Truck Run Smooth – A truck that has hiccups will only lead to a more frustrating road experience. Be sure that the truck is serviced and have 

regular tire checks just to be sure that it runs smoothly and will not give you trouble in the middle of your drive.

What do you do when an aggressive driver cuts you off?