Who All Must File Excise Form 2290? Let’s Know The IRS Facts


Form 2290 Online

Normally when we mean truckers and fleet-owners who must file excise tax form 2290, we may refer to it as a corporation, Limited liability company (LLC), partnerships, charitable organizations, Educational institutions, non-profit organizations or even an individual. These companies and firms as well as corporation who run taxable heavy motor vehicle weighing 55,000 pounds or more on public highways whether registered or to be registered in ones’ name and under a state as represented in USA are subjected under IRS form 2290 and must file excise tax form 2290 as per the stipulated tax period beginning July 1st 2014 and ending on June 30th 2015 is should be known.

But there are also some of important facts to know of certain other entities that are also subjected under IRS form 2290 and they must file form 2290 for using heavy motor vehicle weighing 55,000 pounds or more for transporting on public highways and therefore Qualified sub-chapter S subsidiaries and eligible single-owner disregarded entities must pay and report excise taxes, register for excise tax activities, and claim any refunds, credits, and payments under the entity’s employer identification number (EIN). But these functions or actions cannot take place under the Individual tax identification number (TIN). Hence entities should ensure acquiring EIN in order to get eligible for filing excise tax form 2290 for paying and reporting tax and to claim for any applicable benefits they may have as per IRS instructions. The entities may contact IRS for their EIN queries.

The other important IRS facts with regard to form 2290 is that of Dual Registration, if any taxable vehicle registered under both the owner and another person names then the owner is liable to pay excise tax under form 2290 and file as per law. This law is also applicable for dual registrations of a leased vehicle.

The dealers are liable to pay excise tax if any vehicle is operated under their name, tag, license, and permit. If one acquire a vehicle and use it on the public highways in any month other than July, then they are liable for the tax for the prorated tax period. So one must file Form 2290 and pay the tax by the last day of the month after the month they first use the vehicle.

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