Company Sponsored CDL Training-What You Need To Know


Getting Free CDL Training

Free CDL Training

There’s a number of different ways that you can get your CDL training. They key is knowing where to go to get that CDL training. Truck driving schools can cost a lot of money, your almost guaranteed a $5,000 bill or more. I imagine that many people looking to get their CDL is doing so because they don’t have money. Trucking is a rewarding career, it opens the doors for many possibilities later down the road once your an experienced driver.

Your new to trucking, fresh off your CDL license, but you don’t have the money to get your CDL training. This is a common scenario for a lot of new truck drivers. At this time, due to the expenses, truck driver training schools are not an option. You need to get your CDL training and then you need a job. Why not knock two birds out with one stone?

CDL Facts Everyone Should Know

The good news, there are CDL training programs in place that won’t cost you a penny. The secret is finding a trucking company that offers CDL training and job placement for their new truck drivers. Company sponsored CDL programs are in place all over the country and they can help you find work and proper training without the heavy cost of CDL training.

Private trucking companies are great, sometimes they’ll help you pass your CDL exam. However, many of them don’t offer a job after your graduation. Your CDL license does you no good if your not driving. That is a lesson you learn early as a truck driver, if the wheels are not rolling, your not getting paid. Don’t be afraid to ask local trucking companies if they have CDL programs in place.

Does CDL Training Prepare You For The Road

As I said before, the key is finding a trucking company that offers CDL training and job placement. Hopefully, you know where to go. If you don’t, your going to have to take the time to call different trucking companies to see if they have this type of CDL training. If they don’t but have paid CDL training, write the price down. At the very least, perhaps you can save some money when you go to truck driver school.

Most trucking companies want at least one year of experience before they’ll consider hiring a new truck driver. This is OTR trucking experience, or known as over-the-road. Nearly every new truck driver will start their career as an OTR truck driver. If you don’t have this year of experience, finding a trucking job is going to be difficult. Again, this is another reason that you should seek a company sponsored CDL training program.

Truck Driver Training Truckers Logic CEO Spencer Jensen

Passing your CDL exam is just one part of the battle. I know your excited about having your CDL license and I know your ready to hit the open road running. Hopefully, you were already told about the need for truck driver training school. Hopefully the high cost for CDL training is no issue for you, perhaps the money is already put back. For those of you that don’t have the money, company sponsored CDL training is your ticket to work and free CDL training.

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Company sponsored CDL training is usually very quick, only lasting 3-4 weeks. Truck driving schools are typically much longer, months rather then weeks. You’ll be able to work with experienced truck drivers and you’ll be able to learn everything you need to prepare you for your trucking career. Always pay attention, take the time to learn everything that you can. To get you started on the right path, we suggest 2 detailed trucking books, So You Want To Be A Truck Driver and Surviving Trucking Training. Both were written by Truckers Logic CEO Spencer Jensen and will give you the best possible start in your trucking career.