The Benefits of Using Truck GPS Systems for your Business


There are many reasons to have vehicle trackers fitted in trucks, most of which are aimed at improving the security of your fleet and reducing the risks associated with having high value vehicles out on the road. For many businesses, the ability to know where every truck in your fleet is at any given moment is invaluable, not only because it allows you to keep an eye on what your drivers are doing but also for the cost benefits which may be significant. Whatever your line of business, having a GPS locator in a truck can be an asset to your company and for more details on the types of truck you might choose between, this site contains a wealth of information.

Improving your customers’ experience

Anyone who has waited in all day for a delivery or collection, only for it to come at the very end of the window they were given, will know that being able to tell someone exactly how far away a truck is from them can increase customer satisfaction exponentially. With on-board GPS, you can tell a customer or client exactly how long it will be before they can expect the driver to turn up, thus providing a means to keep everyone involved up to speed with the day’s itinerary. For jobs which rely on a fast turnaround, being able to dispatch the closest vehicle can often save both time and money, so having GPS tracking in every truck could pay for itself many times over.

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Minimising fuel costs

Even domestic drivers can make savings by maintaining a steady driving pace and speeding is one of the most important factors in high fuel consumption whatever you are driving. GPS tracking can provide you with details of the speeds achieved by drivers in your employ, identify any causes of unnecessary fuel usage and help you to eliminate them. Whether you discover that some of your drivers are idling unnecessarily or speeding excessively, you can put measures in place to ensure everyone is driving at the most fuel efficient pace in order to maintain your profit margins and avoid waste.

You can also keep your costs down by identifying shorter and more efficient routes for trucks that are out on the road. Whether that’s using the closest truck to a job site, finding a more efficient route for any given journey or using the information to provide training, the savings could be considerable.

More data means better drivers

Most companies like to ensure that their drivers are safe on the roads, both from the perspective of using a well-maintained vehicle and by modifying their driving to ensure that they are minimising their risks. GPS tracking is an ideal way to collect data on driving techniques in order to identify the areas in which training might be needed, arbitrate any disputes and maintain reasonable guidelines about speed, idling and any other aspect of driving which could save your company time and money. The information collected can also be used instead of time sheets, with accurate data being provided to show when the truck was in use, identify breaks and lunch times and negate the need for drivers to record their hours or note down any overtime completed manually.

Keeping your drivers and trucks safe

Of course, one of the most popular reasons to have GPS fitted in either a domestic or a commercial vehicle is to allow it to be tracked in the event that it is stolen. For most fleet management companies, this is particularly important as it could help to intercept a thief before they have disposed of the contents of a truck which can be more valuable than the truck itself. These functions can also be used to ascertain whether unauthorised use of a truck is taking place, and to spot potential maintenance issues before they arise. This could dramatically reduce the cost of emergency repairs and avoid having vehicles out of service wherever possible.

GPS tracking could revolutionise the way your company does business, from reducing the amount of paperwork required to providing more accurate data for payroll purposes. There is plenty of information on the applications and benefits of vehicle tracking, or telematics as it is sometimes known, here. As technology becomes more and more advanced, GPS systems can be used to provide increasing amounts of data which can protect companies and drivers, save money and provide useful information which could make any business more efficient.