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TomTom 4.3-Inch Start 40M GPS Review

The TomTom Start 40M is one of the latest TomTom GPS systems and is an easy to use GPS that uses text-to-speech voice guidance to help your confidently find your way, no matter where you’re going. Please see below for a run down of the features, pros & cons and a review of this GPS system.

The Start 40M model comes with an integrated mount which angles from one edge. It can either hang down from wind screen or it can be sat on top of your dashboard. Connected by a micro USB port with a cable that is provided to you that needs to be used every time you set up this GPS. It has a 4.3 inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 272. The interface is very simple and easy to use.

You can display up to three alternative routes that allow you to cater to the exact way that you want to go, so if you want to avoid a particular street it’s not hard to do at all! The Route Bar contains information such as estimated time of arrival, distance to destination, how long till you arrive at your destination and information about your surroundings such as exits, amenities, fuel stops and rest areas. Other points of interest show up on the map as well as next turn, current speed and the speed limit.

Lifetime map updates – To ensure that your maps are up to date and you know exactly where you’re going, new editions of maps are issued at least four times a year. All GPS don’t have this features, so it’s nice to get an update this many times a year.

Advanced Lane Guidance – Shows you which lane to take so that you never miss your turn again. Map Share – includes updates such as new speed limits and blocked roads to make sure you know ahead of time if there are detours.

TomTom 4.3-Inch Start 40M GPS Pros

Lifetime TomTom Traffic – which displays live traffic, making it easier to map out your travel to avoid trouble spots. There’s no question that this feature alone is worth the price of the TomTom GPS. It’s essential to know which routes to take so you can avoid accidents, weather hazards and heavy construction. Great value for money.

TomTom 4.3-Inch Start 40M GPS Cons

ConsLow resolution touch screen.All live services such as traffic require a smart phone connection.Connection is via a single USB for power.

If you prefer the 4.3 inch screen and higher quality, try this Garmin 4.3 inch GPS.


Coming in at around $69.99USD, the TomTom Start 40M GPS is a very affordable option. While there are some downsides such as the low resolution screen and needing a smartphone connect for live updates, this GPS certainly gets the job down for an inexpensive price.

With lifetime map updates and live traffic information, if you’re a regular traveler who doesn’t want to pay a fortune for a GPS and wants to take advantage of this time saving technology, this is the best GPS system for you.

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