Truck Driver Training Schools


truck driving training schoolsOne of the most consistent professions in America these days would be that of the truck driver. While there will be merchandise to convey, there will be a demand for the trucking profession. What is a truck driver? A trained specialist who earns their living by driving trucks, to transport merchandise, or other materials from point A to point B. Drivers are also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their own vehicle. There are three type’s of truck drivers in America. Owner Operators, own their own trucks who either lease their services to one trucking company via contract or haul loads for more than one trucking company. Company Drivers, are employees of a specific trucking company who drive trucks belong to their employer. Independent Owner Operators, own their own small company, with as many as 1-10 trucks or as few as 2-3.

In the United States, drivers are limited to 11 cumulative hours within a 14 hour duration. This is followed by a rest period of 10 hours and it is required that all truckers maintain a logbook of all duty and rest. Drivers may not work any more than 70 hours within a 7 day work week. 30 Minute breaks are also required before 8 hours of continual driving.

One of our nation’s top truck driver training schools would be SAGE. This truck driving school in Indianapolis is only one branch of a national chain of schools. SAGE, is a premiere hands on truck driver school where students can achieve CDL training and trucking programs. The school provides a quick paced, dedicated driving school, and is the number one rated truck driving schools on the leading Internet CDL training guide. Most of SAGE graduates are hired right out of school by some of the countries high paying companies into some middle class trucking gigs.
SAGE offers a private one on one truck training course and a wide variety of truck driving programs that are continuously improved and updated. At SAGE truck driving schools, students can work toward their Class A or Class B licenses. Sage offers computer based tools, aimed to help teach students truck driving skills in an easy and effective way.

Choosing SAGE Truck Driving School, has its benefits as well. Students who graduate from SAGE are subject to job placement programs. Potential students may take advantage of SAGE’s easy financial assistance program and even the employer paid CDL training tuition loans.

With the job placement program, students have the opportunity to work with SAGE to submit to some of America’s grade A trucking companies for employment after graduation.

The cost of tuition to attend Sage Truck Driving School, varies by location and the type of program that the potential student may be interested in learning. SAGE truck driving school has several alternative options for financial aids. Such as loans, government and private funds and financed CDL training. SAGE’s main goal is to help potential students get the education and training they both desire and deserve to get their career in trucking rolling.