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Swift Trucking Training For Drivers

Swift Training SchoolIf you’re looking for a competitive truck driving school to attend, you may want to consider Swift Driving Academy. While there’s a lot of truck driving schools to choose from, Swift Driving Academy does offer some good benefits you may want to look over.

Swift offers one of the most affordable tuition opportunities at only $3,900.00 which is also fully reimbursable over the course of 26 consecutive months of employment with Swift. Student housing, transportation to and from the academy is also provided and new classes start weekly. With a Swift trucking career you will have satisfying employment but also many opportunities for growth, permanence and financial success to keep you professionally fulfilled.

Truck driving schools like Swift Driving Academy can provide you with the opportunity to earn a secure career opportunity behind the wheel. If you’re looking for an industry that is licensed, lucrative and supports U.S. Veterans, truck driver training schools are the answer. Swift has convenient academy locations in Arizona, Idaho, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. These programs provide you with both detailed classroom learning, quality behind-the-wheel training and employment as a professional truck driver. Swift values their drivers and are highly committed to providing them with excellent compensation and benefits to reward their excellence upon completion of truck driving school.

Swift proudly offers Class A and B CDL, Commercial Drivers License credentials in as little as three weeks, which are required in the United States to drive vehicles weighing in excess of 26,000 pounds or for transportation of hazardous-material loads. Swift hauls freight for some of the largest most respected companies in the world including: Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, FedEx, Target and Lowe’s to name a few. Swift drivers accumulate one day off for every six days of driving as an added benefit.

Whether a brand new driver or an experienced trucker, Swift also offers the best post-grad employment and most comprehensive driver-trainer instruction at their truck driver training schools. Swift uses late model Freight-liner and Volvo tractors and teaches you to drive in extreme conditions, hands-on vehicle maintenance, passenger-vehicle instruction, inspection protocol and even teaches trainees about trip planning.

Being employed with a driving company is the key component to making a good living, but at the end of the day it isn’t always about money. Providing work-life balance for truckers is also important to Swift’s culture. Swift has designated regions called comfort-zones that are set up to keep drivers near their demographic so that they can be home more frequently. Swift strives to go beyond lucrative compensation and also provides wireless communications, Qualcomm on-board computers and customer service for all of their trucks as well.

Applying for Swift is similar to other truck driver training schools however, it is more efficient because you can review regulations, company driver positions and owner operator positions available online. You can choose to contract a recruiter or apply directly online to get started. A recruiter will arrange an initial interview to review your qualifications and then help you with completing information on your enrollment application. A Department of Transportation physical and drug screen is also conducted. You will need to meet residency requirements and be at least 18 years of age with a current valid drivers license to enroll.