Day To Day Logistics Being Blamed For Interstate 77 Fatality

Dan Grubbs Trucking Accident
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Dan Grubbs Trucking Accident
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A trucking company that is being sued in federal court because of the death of a resident of The Plains is asserting that another trucking company, also a defendant in the case, is responsible for the fatal traffic accident. Both Day To Day Logistics and Schneider National Carriers are being faulted, but SNC is blaming Day To Day Logistics.

Back in 2013, 71-year-old Dan Grubb was killed in an accident on Interstate 77 in Virginia. Grubb’s wife Darlene was also involved in the wreck, but survived the horrific ordeal. Timothy Grubb, administrator of his father’s estate, and Darlene Grubb both filed a federal lawsuit in Ohio last September against trucking companies Day to Day Logistics of Ontario, Canada, and Schneider National Carriers out of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Schneider’s tractor-trailer jackknifed, obstructing the northbound lanes, after another tractor-trailer, owned by Day to Day Logistics, Inc., crashed into the rear of Schneider’s trailer.  Although Schneider’s tractor-trailer completely blocked their path, Dan attempted to steer away from it. The collision injured both passengers and killed Dan Grubb, Darlene’s husband of 52 years
The lawsuit alleges that the driver of the Schneider vehicle, Carlisle Sinclair, Jr., was negligent; that among other things, he failed to drive defensively or look for slow-moving traffic ahead, failed to be prepared for hazards and warn other drivers that he needed to slow down. The complaint also claims that Jaswant Singh, the driver of the Day to Day Logistics, Inc. tractor trailer, also was negligent; he was driving too fast for the conditions and followed the Schneider truck too closely, failing to keep a safe distance.

Both drivers of the tractor-trailers failed to obey fog-related warning signs and adjust for bad weather conditions, among other things, according to the lawsuit’s allegations. “In our opinion, the known facts support a conclusion that both truck drivers failed to exercise the care required, especially considering the inclement weather, and caused the tragedy that cost Dan Grubb his life,” stated the family’s attorney, Ronald Goldman, senior trial counsel at Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman.

Schneider National Carriers has filed a cross-claim in which it blames Day to Day Logistics for the accident.

Any alleged injuries or damages sustained by (the Grubbs), as alleged in the complaint, arose as the direct and proximate result of Day to Day Logistics’ negligence,” Schneider told sources.

In response to the Grubbs’ lawsuit, Schneider National denies any wrong doing and asserts its truck had come to a controlled stop on the interstate when it was struck in the rear by the tractor-trailer driven “negligently, carelessly and/or recklessly” by the Day to Day Logistics driver.

Schneider, in its cross-claim, is seeking $38,290 from Day to Day because of damage to the Schneider truck and related losses. Day to Day Logistics has filed a motion seeking dismissal of the cross-complaint or, in the alternative, that the case be moved to federal court in the Western District of Virginia, where the accident occurred.