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Teen Truck Drivers

Senate Bill Would Lower Truck Driver Age Limit If Passed

A senate bill currently making rounds proposes to lower the truck driver age limit, allowing teen truck drivers to cross state borders. While many from the trucking industry support the rulemaking, a fair percentage don't....
Truck Drivers Get 80 Hours Back

Department Of Transportation Urges Truck Drivers To Sleep

Truck Drivers Happy With More Production, More Money With the 34 hour restart rollback complete, the Department of Transportation is urging truck drivers to get sleep.Numerous truck drivers and trucking organizations applauded congress for including...
Trucking Rates May Go Up

More Freight And Rate Hikes Could Be Ahead For Trucking Executives

More Freight, Higher Rates Concern Trucking Management After a winter season that the trucking industry now far remembers, the trucking economy is stronger then ever. Trucking executives are encouraged by a stronger economy that continues...
Trucking Tonnage Increases October 2014

Truck Tonnage Index Increases 0.5 Percent in October

Truck Tonnage Back Up After September Loss American Trucking Associations’ advanced seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index rose 0.5% in October, following a revised decline of 0.8% during the previous month. In October, the index...