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Diesel Prices 9-7-2015

Diesel Prices Up Across Country (09-08-15)

Diesel prices all over the United States were slightly up this week with the only exception being in the New England region. The N.E. region saw a decline of 0.010, dropping the average to...
Diesel Prices Drop

Diesel Prices Continue To Drop, Average Likely To Continue Falling

Diesel Prices Fall To Lowest Average In Nearly 4 Years The national average price for a gallon of on-highway diesel fell 3.3 cents in the week ended Nov. 24 to $3.628, according to the Department...
Current Diesel Prices

Low Diesel Prices Bringing Extra Revenue For Trucking Companies And Drivers

Low Diesel Prices Fueling Industry Economy Low diesel prices continue to benefit both trucking companies and truck drivers. According to Fuel Gauge Report by AAA, the current diesel price average is at $3.609 a gallon....