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If you’re looking to ship vehicles, household items, heavy equipment, freight, animals or household items, you want a reliable shipper that will deliver your items on time and in one piece.

This is exactly why Truckers Logic partners with Uship. Our shipping calculator will help you calculate your shipping cost and will connect you with shippers that bid on your shipment. Our shipping calculator is simple, easy and fast.

With the uShip shipping calculator, you’ll have access to thousands of professional shippers that want to deliver your shipment. You’ll have numerous shippers bidding and you get to choose the lowest bid amount, ensuring your get a great deal on your shipment.

  1. Select the proper category.
  2. Select your starting zip code.
  3. Select your ending zip code.



Shipping Calculator Tool

Shipping Easy

Easily use our shipment calculator to determine how much it will cost to ship your items. Afterward, if you choose to do so, you can publish your listing on uShip. It’s very easy to use, just choose the category of your listing and fill in the details.

Your shipping listing can be published in a matter of a few minutes and you’ll have nationwide shippers bidding on your shipment. You’ll be able to access their profile, feedback, reviews and more. uShip is one of the most recognized shippers in the world.

Just use the calculator above and get a shipping estimate now.

Lowest Shipping Rates

When you have transport professionals bidding on your listings, you’ll find that you’re able to get great shipping rates for your items. That’s one of the biggest benefits you get shipping with uShip.

Secondly, you’re able to see who bids on your projects. You get to see reviews and feedback. This ensures you’re completely comfortable with the person delivering your items. If you’re not happy with that person, you have complete control to choose someone else. This is exactly why I trust uShip and I’ve been using the company for years.