Setting Up A New Life Around Trucking


Trucking And Family


Setting up a new life around trucking can be a difficult choice for everyone involved. Working with a trucking business is more than a job that you can do until you are retired.  Trucking can be the perfect way to set up your family for a lifetime of predictability and comfort.  While trucking requires the driver to be out of the house, CDL training could begin a long career in trucking that gives the driver options that are far beyond what are available to someone working in a traditional office environment. The benefits of being a truck driver are extraordinary. With high payments, medical, dental, life insurance and a host of other benefits, a life as a truck driver can be very rewarding.

Setting up your life around trucking is going to take big decisions for your whole family. If you’re single, this situation can be easy. However, if you have a family and children, setting up a new life around your new trucker career is going to take some getting use too. Hot Shot Trucking gives every driver the chance to choose how much they will work and set their own schedule, within reason.  While the driver has certain routes that they must do at certain times, the driver also has the chance to arrange their driving around their family life.  The driver can take jobs later in the day so that they can drop their kids off at school.  The driver can also take early morning jobs so that they can pick up their kids from school in the afternoon.  The driver can also choose to work on certain holidays when others need time off and take off certain holidays where others are planning to work.

Hot shot trucking can be very beneficial to truck drivers that have families as you can now see. However, hot shot trucking is not for everyone. Some trucking companies may not offer hot shot trucking. Since most new truck drivers have to start with a trucking company, it’s possible that your truck company may not have day shift open or early morning routes. It’s very likely that you’re going to be gone long hours of the day, even week. This is the exact reason that you need to pre-plan and set up your life and family time around your trucking career. And trust me, this is easier said then done.

Truck driving stories are all about cooperative driving.  Each driver has their truck and their own
schedule, but the fraternity of drivers can help each other get all of the work done while maintaining a schedule that their family is comfortable with. Also, most drivers are able to get raises in their pay over time. While drivers begin with a certain amount of pay per mile, drivers are able to increase their pay and their earning potential as they progress in the business. As the family grows, so does the driver’s chances of making money.

Trucking is one of the most progressive and necessary businesses in the global economy.  Someone always needs a trucker to drive a route and you could be that trucker. If you’re planning to be a truck driver, you need to consider how to schedule work and family time. It usually takes time to get a good local route or haul. There are going to be times when you don’t see your family for days and weeks at a time. You may need to reconsider if truck driving is going to be for you. Family is important and this is noted, but taking care of them and providing for them is equally important. Truck driving is a great way to support your family and children.

There’s a lot of different things you can do to make the transition much easier. Get as close as you can to the yard, hopefully within a short few miles. If you do have children, perhaps home schooling would be an option. Get a babysitter that you can rely on and trust, sometimes you’re going to be late. Setting your new life around trucking isn’t complicated but it does take time to get use too. Time management is very important and this is a great time to have your family in your corner.