Easy Gift Idea for Christmas


IMG_20131214_143025_204~2Wishing you Cute and Cozy Toes All Winter Long!

Even though I am always on the hunt for easy and cool gift and craft ideas year round. Christmas is always a wonderful time of the year to think about and give to others.  I came across this simple and cheap gift idea that I wanted to share. I made these for my children’s teachers at school and I am sure you can find the right use for you.

Total Cost: $23 for 11 people.

Total Time: 30-45 minutes. (not including shopping!)


Things You Will Need:IMG_20131214_113900_345~2

Soft socks- (slipper socks work great too.) I found some extremely soft socks at the local Dollar Tree. Cost $1 each.



Assorted Nail Polish- Also bought this at the local Dollar Tree. Cost $1 each.



Gift Bags- I chose bags that were somewhat see through so they could see the gift inside. Local Walmart $1 for 15 bags.


Card Stock Paper- already had.

Ribbon- already had.



IMG_20131214_113711_457~2First thing you will want to do is print off the gift tag. Here is the free link for those. I just used my 9 year old for help and some simple scissors.IMG_20131214_113818_100~2


I then cut out the tags and glued them to the card stock to make them stand out. I used red for the season and thought about altering red and green. But, I didn’t have any green.


Next, you simply put the socks and nail polish in your gift bag, tie the tag around the top, and you’re done!