Craftsman 230 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Craftsman Tool Set 230 Piece


Updated 03-08-2018

The Best Tool Brand On The Market

When it comes to the most trusted tools in the world, Craftsman is one of the most reputable brands on the market. We wanted to test the Craftsman tool set to see how they measured up against competitor brands. And while we write this review now, we’ve been using Craftsman tools for a long time.

I’ve known a lot of different truck drivers and mechanics. And as a truck driver myself with years behind the wheel, I’ve worked with a variety of different tools over that span. Every truck driver owns a few tools and you can’t go wrong with owning this Craftsman 230 piece mechanics tool set.

Craftsman 230 Piece Mechanics Tool Set Price

In most cases, you do get what you pay for. Tool sets can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. With this¬†Craftsman tool set marked at $112.26, you’re paying less than a 50 cents per item. While some may feel that this is a lot to pay for a simple socket, having the right tools to do the job is priceless.

Have you ever began working on something only to find that you don’t have the right tool to complete the task? I hate that feeling. Most of us have at some point and time. We all enjoy getting a bargain, …right? I’m guilt of buying cheap tool sets. My biggest concern for cheap tool sets is the fact that I’ve broke and bent a lot of tools in my life. However, I’ve NEVER broke a Craftsman tool. This is why they back the Craftsman 230 piece tool set with a lifetime warranty.

Craftsman 230 Piece Tool Set Includes

  • Tool Set Comes in a Black Storage Case Offering Portability and Organization
  • Includes (56) 1/4-Inch drive tools, (54) 3/8-Inch drive tools, (11) 1/2-Inch drive tools
  • Includes (2) Extension Bars (1/4 + 3/8-Inch Drive), (6) Combination Wrenches (Inch and Metric)
  • Includes: (3) Quick-Release Ratchets, (116) Sockets (1/4, 3/8 + 1/2-Inch Drive), 109 Specialty Tools
  • Lifetime Warranty

Overall Review On The Craftsman 230 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

There’s nothing hidden with the Craftsman 230 piece tool set, you get what you get. Most of you that work with tools on a regular basis already know the reputation of Craftsman. There’s a lot of quality brands on the market when it comes to tools. Many of them will last you for years, even decades. However, if you want the best tools that will last you a lifetime, the Craftsman tool set should be your choice.

It really doesn’t matter what level you’re at, mechanic or not, this is a great tool set to start with or a great tool set to end with. As shown above, the Craftsman tool set features 56 1/4 inch drive tools, 54 3/8 inch drive tools and 11 1/2 inch drives. You get 2 extension bars, 6 combination wrenches, 3 quick-release ratchets. That’s a total of 116 sockets and 109 specialty tools. All backed by a lifetime warranty.

Craftsman 230 Piece Tool Set

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Only $112.26