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One of our jobs at Truckers Logic is to connect you with the trucking industry, provide great resources for all levels of truck drivers and positions. While we have no association to Internet Truckstop...

Temperature-Controlled Truckload Carrier Marten Transport Growth Behind Strong Shipper Demand

Marten Transport, a temperature-controlled truckload carrier out of Wisconsin, is leading by example as the trucking company continues to build strong profits over the past 12 months. Strong shipper demand for dedicated trucking service is...
Con-way Trucking Purchased By XPO Logistics

Con-way Has Been Acquired In $3 Billion Deal; To Be Rebranded As XPO Logistics

Con-way has been acquired in a multi-billion dollar deal and the company will rebrand as XPO Logistics. XPO is set to acquire Con-way Inc., one of the country’s largest trucking companies, stated by XPO...