Big Rig Talk – Trucking Industry Driver Shortage

Bill Clinton

30,000 Truck Drivers Needed

truck driver shortageWelcome to another segment of Big Rig Talk and thanks for taking the time to spend a few minutes with yours truly. I spend a lot of my time reading from other trucking websites and blogs. From Overdrive to 18 Wheel News, there’s a ton of good trucking websites/blogs out there to read. For the past few months, all I’ve seen is one article after the next talking about the trucking industry driver shortage. Truth of the matter, we’re wearing this out boys and girls. So, why is everyone still talking about this? Is it that important? Are you scared?

Everyone is offering a solution to the trucking industry driver shortage. I’m so tired of being asked what I’m going to do, how would I solve the driver shortage. I don’t care about it, should I? To be honest, I’m happy about it because that means more money in my pocket. And for the majority of truck drivers, they probably don’t care either. I’ll tell you who is worried, it is trucking companies and stock holders. Trust me, nobody else cares about the current driver shortage or the future outlook.

us government

Trillions In Debt

We should be looking for solutions rather then talking about them. Take the Highway Trust Fund for example. Rather then solving a problem, they put a Ninja Turtle band aid on it and go on. They referring to the United States Government. Another short-term solution to a long-term problem. Ignorance is what’s called. If the U.S. Government can’t solve a small issue such as the Highway Trust Fund, how will they ever fix the fact that we’re nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt. There’s you a real topic to talk about.

Bill Clinton

Bring Bill Clinton Back

We should go ahead and pass a law that a President can serve as many terms as needed. We could bring back Bill Clinton. Hell, maybe we can get Hilary Clinton in. Both would be 100 times better then Barrack Obama. I get it, it’s not all Obama’s fault. The U.S. Government is so dysfunctional, it reminds me of my wife’s family. I’ll even give you a quick example. My wife’s aunt sued a company because her mom become sick after taking their product. They won money but her Aunt didn’t tell her mom. That is jacked up and so is the U.S. government.

Company Sponsored CDL Training

What Would You Do

The answers to the truck driver shortage is simple, but we act as if it’s a problem we can’t solve. I fail to believe that. If trucking companies want to continue to be greedy, then the issue will be ongoing. I’m not referring to every trucking company out there. If you pay more money to drivers, the migration will begin. If you offer better benefits, drivers will stay. If you want new truck drivers, pay for their training, offer company sponsored CDL training. More home time? The point, there’s many solutions but companies need to see the picture for what it can be, not for what it is.

Truck Driver Shortage College To Blame?

Young Adults Are Not Interested

Did you ever think to consider how much things have changed in the last few years? More people are going to college at this time. More options are available, higher paying jobs. Who wants to drive a truck all around the country, get paid small wages and be away from their family when they can get online and make three times as much money? It’s a given. A man and women can go fight for their country at 18 but can’t drive a semi until 21. Think about it, how fair is that? Moving the age limit down to 18 would make a huge difference and its simple. Yet, it still hasn’t been done.

Changing With The Times Is The Solution

With any business or industry, you have to change with the times to evolve. This is the solution to everything. Why everyone doesn’t see this is beyond me. Why are we short 30,000 drivers? Because we’re not doing something right. When your not doing something right, what do you do? You change what your doing! How simple? We have to quit making things difficult. The solution is simple. Now, can we please quit talking about this?
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