72 Hours Of Truck Driver Inspections Set This Week – June 3rd – June 5th

CVSA Roadcheck 2015

CVSA Roadcheck 2015

70,000+ Truck Driver Inspections Very Likely

Truck drivers will be facing 72 straight hours of truck driver inspections this week, starting on June 3rd and running through June 5th. Known as “Roadcheck“, the annual inspection blitz done by a joint effort of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and others, will take place June 3-5.

The CVSA estimates roughly 10,000 inspectors from state, local and federal enforcement agencies will participate during the 72-hour period and will be stationed at 1,500 inspection points across the U.S. to do roadside inspections on trucks and buses.

During the same span in 2014, the CVSA conducted 70,000 inspections during the program, resulting in a 22 percent out-of-service rate for equipment and a 4 percent out-of-service rate for drivers.

Roadcheck is an annual inspection program that has been running since 1988. Over the course of that time, the program has conducted over 1 million inspections.

Truck drivers, CSVA does give you advance warning. Most veteran truck drivers know about the Roadcheck Program. For those of you that are looking to see exactly what inspectors are looking for, they do offer an inspection checklist to view in PDF.

Some of the main issues inspectors will be looking for during the program includes brakes, coupling devices, lighting, cargo securement, steering, suspension, suspension and tires, wheels, hubs, rims, fuel and exhaust systems also.

To view the complete checklist, just click here.