Trucking Industry Fighting To Quiet Rest Rules


Truck Driver SafetyThe trucking industry has been hit hard by the media this week after a Walmart truck driver hit Tracy Morgan’s limo bus. The truck driver had not slept in over 24 hours and now the trucking industry is taking heat. This comes after a recent rule was set in place to give truck drivers more driving time.

As NBC News reports, truck drivers are being targeted for safety issues and the Tracy Morgan accident has poured fuel on the issue. Many truck drivers are already feeling the cut hours from the most recent regulations. Many fear that the set hours per week may even be lowered yet again.

When it comes to safety, it should be a driver’s first responsibility. However, you can’t judge the regulations and rules based on this one incident. If the victim wasn’t Tracy Morgan, we may have never heard of the accident. It doesn’t make it right or wrong, it’s just a fact. No one knows this better then the men and women that spend their week on the road.

In a growing and profitable industry, what would less hours mean to millions of truck drivers and companies? What would the effects mean for the economy? What would it mean to your life? We want to hear back from you truck drivers. Should we expect rest hours to increase?