Truckers Logic Restructuring



A good evening to all of our fans, friends and fellow truck drivers out there. I’d like to announce that we are restructuring Truckers Logic. Now you are probably asking, “what is he talking about?” Here at Truckers Logic we’ve had several projects going on over the past year. We’ve been working on acquiring a job site (, we had a humor site ( and we even tried to brand all of this under one umbrella “The Trucking Edge Network” at ( However, due to the time it takes away from making Truckers Logic awesome and the ultimate place for unbiased, friendly and no-nonsense trucking advice, news and information. We’ve decided to eliminate all of the other side projects and focus on Truckers Logic. So with Truckers Logic together with Big Rig Ebooks (our trucking eBooks), we can focus on bringing you the best information out there. With over 500 articles at present it will be hard to go through all of the old content and update it with this new information. So if you do reach one of the old articles that references any of the above websites, you’ll know that they have been discontinued.

Our Social Media

You may have noticed a lot of changes going on with our Social Media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus. We are streamlining the accounts and clearly branding them so you know that you are getting true Truckers Logic information. We are moving some accounts and deleting others to make it more simple for you to find us. So please go on and like our New Facebook Page, follow our New Twitter Page, follow us on Instagram @TruckersLogic and more to come!!!

What it all means for you

Now that we’ve dumped all of the side projects you will see much more from us. Our articles will range from Trucking News, Trucking Information, How-To’s, Pictures, Videos, Funny Stuff and more. You’ll see more posts everyday, you’ll see more opinion posts and we’ll give you more insight into my life and what it’s like to be a truck driver on a daily basis. The bottom-line is that you will get more! We are also working on some secret projects for Truckers Logic. So stay tuned for more…..