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How To Be A Trash Truck Drivers

How To Be A Trash Truck DriversTrash And Waste Trucking Jobs

Waste truck drivers and trash truck drivers can make good money. At the low end of hourly pay, trash truck drivers make around $11.50 an hour. The average pay for trash truck drivers is around $15.44 and the high end pay is around $21.00 an hour. These estimates come from

How To Become A Trash Truck Driver

Trash truck drivers are usually classified into two groups, those who actually drive the waste truck and those who collect the trash. Both trash truck driver and trash collector are daunting jobs. While trash truck drivers can operate trucks, side loaders and other garbage disposal equipment, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Being a trash collector is not for everyone. Continuously lifting trash cans and all the walking is not for the faint at heart. You have to consider if your physically capable of performing the jobs. Trash collectors have to pick up garbage in rain, snow, sleet, summer heat and in the winter cold.

Trash Collectors

Trash Truck Driver Responsibilities

Trash and waste truck drivers can have more responsibilities then just driving a waste truck. You may be required to perform maintenance on the truck, including task such as cleaning and normal oil changes. Trash truck drivers can also be responsible for making sure that the truck is safe and reliable, likely performing inspections as needed.

Each trash truck driver will be required to obtain a commercial drivers license. After you get your CDL permit, you’ll be able to take your actual CDL test. Your local DMV should have a study guide to help. Each state has different CDL test, no two states are the same. To better prepare for your test, take the time to take a few free CDL test online. After you get your CDL, you’ll be able to get your truck driver training. Some trash trucking companies may take you on and train you themselves. If not, you’ll be required to apply for trash trucking jobs.

Trash collectors can be responsible for similar duties. Some of the main responsibilities for trash collectors will likely be cleaning the truck, cleaning up garbage and waste.

Trash Truck Driver Jobs

Trash truck driver jobs can be found all over the country. In fact, Canada, New Zealand and England all have open waste truck driver jobs. As always, you can use websites such as Search Trucking Jobs to find local trucking jobs in waste, trash and dozens of different industry niches.

According to U.S. News, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment in this industry will increase 16.2 percent, or by 21,600 new jobs, from 2012 to 2022. The main drivers of this growth are a rise in population and individual income as well as more people choosing to recycle.

According to the BLS, garbage collectors earned $35,230 in 2012. The highest-paid 10 percent of garbage collectors made $57,760, and the lowest-paid made $18,770. The highest-paying metropolitan areas for these workers are Merced, Calif., New York City and Santa Cruz, California.

Trash And Waste Trucking Companies

There’s a number of different trash and waste trucking companies all over the country and all over the world for our international readers. You can use Google to search for local trash trucking jobs or look for some of the larger waste trucking companies in your area. Waste Management is one of the largest trash and waste trucking companies in the world. Southern Waste Systems is another large company. These companies are looking for trash truck drivers all the time and with the shortage of truck drivers, there’s likely openings.