Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch And Reviews

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

The New Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

There is much simpler and convenient way to access your phone files, check sports scores, peruse food reviews, track your fitness and more. ? The new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch comes with a new rotating bezel and a circular interface to give effortless user navigation, so you can conveniently access your files when you need them the most. More so, the robust yet simple to use circular-bezel interface is an absolute paragon of useful and practical engineering. The interface lets users gain instant access to important phone notifications such as texts or emails with just a simple glance on your wrist. It also features helpful additions such as the in-built S-Health app that record your pulse rate, your activity rate, and will even give you a small buzz when it Is time to get moving.

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Samsung Gear S2 Charging And Wireless Power Dock

What is more remarkable is the inbuilt wireless charging that makes it easy to keep your Samsung S2 powered up. Wherever you might be, at work at home or perhaps anywhere in between, you can simply power up by placing your Gear S2 on the included wireless charging dock. It also features a host of eco-focused and comfort driven design features that are capped by a fantastically stylish fusion finish in as much as three options. The Gear 2 also offers an astounding 4 GB of storage and a dual-core 1.0GHz Process for instant access to your apps, widgets, and notifications. You can also save extra cash on your data plan by using the 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi feature.

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch FeaturesSamsung Gear S2 Smarwatch Reviews

*Wireless charging dock included

*Built-in fitness tracking

*Circular touch screen and rotational bezel navigation

*Customizable watch faces

*Compatible with most Android devices

*Get texts, calendar notifications, and world news from your phone right on your wrist


Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Sturdy and sleek exterior design

This Samsung Gear exterior comprises of a durable stainless steel that offers excellent scratch and impact resistance. Additionally, the screen is made of Gorilla glass that is Scratch Resistant and provides longevity, unlike conventional smartwatch screens. The Gear S2 comes with unique `IP68` rating to withstand the effects of water and dust along with sweat resistance so users can get the most of their physical exercise regimes or perhaps wearing it to work. In other words, users have sufficient peace of mind of enhanced longevity and durability of their Smartwatch.

Track Fitness Goals and Stay Motivated with the S Health Application

When it comes to a matter relating to your health, there is hardly any room for poor decision-making or uninformed improvisation. For this reason, this Samsung Gear comes with countless built-in functionalities that help you track of activity levels and meet your exercise goals. The inclusion of the exclusive S health app lets you store and track nutritional aspects such as water, caffeine, water consumption and utilization.

It also helps you track your activity levels by using a gyroscope, accelerometer, pulse rate monitor and barometer to keep a coherent log of your activity levels. Additionally, you can even customize the watch to nudge when you have been inactive for long durations. The S-health application syncs with the application on the phone to transfer all your data wirelessly to your phone.

Samsung Gear S2 ClassicWireless Charging Dock

The manufacturers of this excellent contrivance shake things up further and demonstrate their obsession with excellence by allowing the user to enjoy convenient inbuilt wireless charging whenever they need it the most. In fact, all a user needs to do is just to place your Samsung Gear S2 on the less obtrusive wireless charging dock to power up.

Compatible with Android Devices

As a unit that offers dynamic performance, this unit is designed to work flawlessly with a majority of Android Devices. It also comes with robust and simple software interface that is a mainstay of user-friendly engineering.

Customizable and Contemporary Design

Users will also appreciate the ultra-chic exterior design along with the premium finishes that qualify the Samsung Gear S2 as stylish as it is functional. In fact, users can choose from a plethora of customizable faces to create a unique smart watch that is unique to your needs.

Circular Interface for Seamless Navigation

The Samsung Gear S2 provides you with access to all your important files in a single circular design. As a result, it becomes a simple task to locate all your favorite applications around the circular perimeter by simply rotating the bezel to navigate through your apps, widgets, and notifications. The inclusion of a 360 X 360 pixel AMOLED touchscreen of the Gear S2 offers sharp text and clear images on a compact 1.2-inch display. With the Samsung Gear S2, you can receive notifications from your Smartphone without the need of taking your phone out of your pocket. Furthermore, you can receive calendar notifications, messages along with sport and world news updates by just glancing on your wrist.

More Gear S2 Smartwatch Features

Aside from notifications, there are many distinctive features on the Gear 2 all with their applications. There is an onboard music player, a picture gallery app, a separate media remote, call log apps, phone dialer, appointment schedules, pedometer, and weather app amongst many other applications. The smart watch can also accept spoken commands and provide consistent answers such as `what is the weather or what is the time`. Users can also speed dial other users using the S-Voice application.

T.V. And Music

The TV remote application functionality gets support from by a well-positioned infra-red blaster on the top section of the watch screen. The range of the blaster is perfect and can allow a user to control their TV with as much as 16 feet away.The onboard playback software can store music on this Smart watch’s 4GB internal memory, and even play it via a paired Bluetooth headset. Just connect your unit to the charging dock and you can be able to connect the gear to a computer for dropping and dragging of files.

What We Didn’t Like

The only fly in the ointment with the Gear 2 is that it lacks an earphone jack. In addition to that, it is also only compatible with other Samsung devices. Transferring music happens wirelessly over Bluetooth.

The bright, crisp AMOLED display provides exclusive access to your media files and all the functionalities on this unit. Broadly speaking, all these combined features consolidate into one fantastic unit for a truck driver. In fact, since a truck driver needs to maintain constant attention on the road, this Smartwatch allows them to access all their notifications and important files with a mere glance.

The comfortable and ergonomic design means that this watch can sit on the arms for long durations without discomfort or perhaps skin irritations. More so, it allows users to store up to 4GB of media files that can then be played wirelessly over a Bluetooth speaker. There is hardly any denying that a truck driver can benefit from this contemporary and modern contrivance.

The menus are interactive, and the circular bezel design offers easy access when you need it the most on the road. Simply put, the Samsung Gear S2 melds innovative design functionalities along with a fashion-forward sense of style. So a truck driver has unparalleled access to all their files in style and elegance.


Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Weight: 0.9 ounces

Size (LWH): 1.67 inches 1.96 inches, 0.45 inches



Overall when taken together, the Samsung Gear S2 watch comes with a host of spending auxiliary features meant to enhance overall user functionality. The ergonomic design and the unique bezel navigations are exceptional features for active users especially those who are always on the road. This sort of design is regarded as a new cornerstone in the consumer market for smartwatch technologies.

What is more remarkable is that with just a simple glance at your wrist, you can access critical text, updates, and notifications. The additional custom faces allow you to access the functionalities on the watch with elegance and style. For the asking price of $256.70, that’s not too bad.




Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch – $124.99

Truckers Logic Review – 4.0 Stars Out Of 5 Stars (17)

Amazon Review – 3.8 Stars Out of 5 Stars (297)