Peterbilt Truck Configurator


Customize Your Peterbilt Rig

You have to be a fan of this truck drivers. Peterbilt has introduced the option of configuring your truck. Choose your chassis, axle, customize the inside of your rig or the outside.  Pick multiple colors, select if you want a sleeper, or go with a day cab. Fine tune your PACCAR MX-13 Engine ratings. Choose the horsepower and torque that you want. The Peterbilt Truck Configurator has several options to give you the  the Model 579 of your dreams and is now available at The Peterbilt Truck Configurator was just recently released and has quickly become the talk among truck drivers. This is a way to cool feature..

The new online configurator lets users build their own Model 579 in a fun, immersive way,” said Todd Acker, Peterbilt’s director of marketing. “Whether you’re a truck owner or an enthusiast, the configurator lets you virtually design and customize your truck, save and email an image of it, and contact your nearest Peterbilt dealership for more details.”

The Peterbilt Truck Configurator gives you an entire customizable experience with your rig, one that is quite impressive. Truckers Logic took it for drive today and we were amazed at all the custom features. You pick the chassis, axle, 6×2 or 6×4. All the options you have really give you the opportunity to customize your Model 579 as you want it. Being able to see the changes being made visually is a big deal.

At each step of the selection process, the vehicle image will change to reflect the users’ choices,” Acker said. “The Model 579 is one of the most exciting, successful product launches in Peterbilt’s 75-year history, and the new configurator tool is an outstanding way to explore the vehicle’s versatility and numerous customization choices to optimize fuel efficiency, performance and styling for particular applications and personal preferences.”

So far, so good for Peterbilt. The Peterbilt Truck Configurator has the trucking community talking. Right now, only the Model 579 is available in the truck configurator. However, if this feature catches on, we will likely see more popular Peterbilt models put in. You get a great experience and I can’t think of one person that wouldn’t want their truck built the way they want.

You can access the Peterbilt Truck Configurator from the homepage by scrolling down and choosing the first option on the bottom left.