Safety Threats for Workers in Various Occupations

safety threats
safety threats

Are you starting a new job or considering other options for a career path? When you start weighing possibilities for heading in a new direction with your career, it’s so important to take into account what possible dangers could arise while at your new job. Even if you’ve already taken on a new job, having a better idea of hazards or safety threats you could potentially face will do nothing but prepare you while on the job.

Whether or not your occupation is considered one of the most dangerous, there are always safety issues or hazards to think about. Read on to delve deeper into the potential safety threats that could arise in a specific occupation as well as to look at how you might be able to better stay safe at work.

  1. Trucking Safety Threats

Experiencing the most fatalities of any other occupation, the trucking industry accounts for 12% of all worker deaths. Truck drivers also account for more non-fatal injuries than any other occupation.

Truck drivers often load and unload the goods that they transport, so when serious strain or sprain injuries, overexertion, soreness, and pain are seen, this is often how they’ve taken place. Additionally, driving long distances daily automatically puts truck drivers at a much higher risk for transportation incidents.

  1. Construction Safety Threats

The construction industry is also among the most dangerous jobs in the United States. This high hazard industry seems to have danger lurking around every corner. Risks such as falling from a rooftop, electrocution, being hit by heavy machinery or equipment, as well as the fear of breathing in asbestos are all things that must be considered. Constant exposure to these dangers can mean trouble after time.

  1. Agriculture Safety Threats

Farm workers also have a wide array of safety hazards to take into consideration. Much like a construction site, a farm can be a playground of danger. Heavy vehicles like tractors can be difficult to maneuver, and if anything goes wrong, there is a chance that one could roll over. Vehicle accidents have caused close to half of the fatalities in agriculture.

Heat related illnesses, falls from ladders or other heights, engulfment and suffocation caused in grain bins or silos, and pesticide exposure are among the most common scenarios.

  1. Healthcare Safety Threats

Numerous safety hazards can arise when working in a healthcare setting. Blood borne pathogens, potential chemical and drug exposure, respiratory hazards, as well as workplace violence are commonly seen.

How Can You Stay Safe at Work?

At work – especially if your occupation is somewhat dangerous – it’s important to stay on your guard at all times. Remain conscious and aware of what’s going on around you. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and eating well so that your energy levels are high. Wear the necessary protective equipment at all times, and take short breaks during the day to help you stay focused.