Funny Trucker Stories


I am not a trucker but I did drive a twenty eight foot UHaul back and forth to Kansas to move my husband and I to Dallas, Texas. The way there was ominous, because I was driving by myself at night and I was so scared. I am a little woman from Texas and I can drive a pick-up truck but not a big truck. But I was driving a big truck that night and there is something about driving a UHaul truck because they go slow as heck and there was nothing but hills into Oklahoma. I thought myself the big chick until it got late and then I realized the power that was under me with that UHaul and it was just a box truck! This is my funny truck driving story.

I remember thinking how easy it was to drive after a while how that I could do this and it was so cool once I got used to driving that little box truck and it was a twenty eight footer too! I was riding with the big boys and then I began to see what jerks we all are in our little cars. How we carelessly jump over in front of truckers and they have such responsibility carrying big loads and then some little car jumps over in front of them.

How ridiculous this was and how I felt sorry for them and I began to have a new respect for truckers even though my husband the salt miner from Kansas had told me stories of lot lizards at his company mine going from truck to truck and how usually truckers would rather growl at him than look at him when they got on the scales. This was a new perspective for me! I had a new respect for the big trucks since I was driving this big truck and getting treated the same way too.

Well, then I was going to drive the big truck back and my husband was going to drive the pick-up back to Texas and my Father in law had given us walkie talkies and we thought we were truckers. I had even handled how the wind made the whole truck sway and I thought I can handle this! No problem at all! Until we loaded the truck up and were moving our stuff home.

I drove because I was used to driving the truck and I could handle it now because I had done a six hour jaunt to Kansas from Dallas at night. Well it’s a different story with an empty truck and a full one and I soon learned the difference because UHauls have no power at all! When we were weighted down we were going so slowly up those hills and I had it floored and it was still only barely going 40mph! Truckers were passing us like we were sitting still and the waves roared over the truck as I drove as fast as I could up those hills and down those hills in Oklahoma.

Needless to say I lost my respect really quickly when a double Fed Ex truck nearly ran me off the road trying to get by me and SWOOSHHHHH he went and that UHaul was waving all over the place and my knees were shaking! I couldn’t even pick up the walkie talkie let alone talk to my husband because I was so nervous the rest of the way. But it was hilarious because I could not make that UHaul go any faster than it was going and the big truckers tried to run me off the road along with everyone else.

I never saw so many middle fingers in my life as I did that day. Needless to say I will leave the trucking to truckers. I still did that trip Texas style all the way home because when everyone was honking and being mean I just blew them kisses every time because I did make it safely home despite them all! Well I hope you liked my funny one time truck driving story because it will be my last hopefully because once was enough for this Texas chick.