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Truck driving safety is the most important element for any truck driver. Learn how you can become a safe and productive truck driver at Truckers Logic.

Sleep Apnea In Trucking Industry

Sleep Apnea Is A Serious Condition That All Drivers Must Be Aware Of

Sleep Apnea Is A Real Concern Among Us All One of the most serious medical conditions that truck drivers can face is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be a dangerous health condition to attend with...

Monday Morning Drive – Two Rollover Accidents within two miles

10 Miles West of Mountain Home, Idaho. This is the video of the two rollover accidents I caught with my dash cam. Please slow down and drive safe.   http://youtu.be/G5t4H7lgfss

Winter Weather Driving Tools

Truck Driving In Bad Weather One of the greatest tools we have as a truck driver is our judgement. We use our judgement all day and every day. The majority of people can afford a...
Driver Safety Around Truckers and Trucks

Driver Safety Around Truckers

Consider this: over 72% of accidents involving trucks are usually the fault of the other driver. This should put in perspective about what driving carelessly around trucks and truckers entails. Studies place the reasons...

Ice Road Trucker: Surviving The Winter Season

The months of January and February are rapidly approaching, and with them comes the added danger of harsh winter weather. For the average truck driver this means taking extra precautions to ensure the freight...

Trucking Industry Invest $7.5 Million Annually On Safety

Trucking Industry Safety Last week, the ATA spent time to testify in front of Congress. The ATA reflected on the fact that the trucking industry spends $7.5 billion dollars a year on safety alone. Not...
Brake Safety Inspection Week

Brake Safety Inspection Week Starts September 7th

The annual Brake Safety Inspection Week starts September 7th and runs through September 13th. Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance says it expects more than 30,000 brake inspections to take place during the week, which would be...

Two Biggest Threats for Truckers – Tiredness and DUI

A big rig is a lethal weapon when a driver gets behind the wheel with a blood alcohol level over the limit of 0.02 percent. They are just as deadly when someone is behind...
Trucking Injuries In Washington State

Truck Injury Rates And Cost Highest In Washington State

Trucking Injury Rates And Cost Report Released A new report by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries claims that the injury rates and costs of workers compensation claims of workers in the trucking...

Truckers vs. Nature

If you’ve driven a car, you know the pressures that traveling can place on drivers. You have to keep focused and navigate the road in front of you while assuring your safety and those...