Becoming A Regional Truck Driver


Truck driving regionally is great for an individual who enjoys the road but wants to have a home life. A driver can make a great salary, be successful and enjoy the other pleasures of life. Regional truck drivers are some of the highest paid truck drivers in the world. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the requirements for being a regional truck driver.


In today’s trucking industry, minimum requirements can range from no experience at all to a minimum of two years driving experience as a commercial vehicle operator. Experience required depends on a company. A clean motor vehicle record and the wellness to stay out five or more days at a time. Also, a clean criminal history. Most regional truck drivers are 25 or more, due to company requirements. Most companies won’t hire you as a regional driver any earlier, be sure to check the company’s policy on age requirements.

A Few Tips

Do a pre trip inspection. A quality inspection should consist of the three L’s: Lights, Leaks, Leans. Then, look for your Blt’s: belts, lines (airlines, hoses), and tires. Also, insure that your mirrors are properly adjusted and clean, do the same for the windshield. Be aware that regional driving normally consist of day and night driving, plan your trip accordingly. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Be well rested before starting your trip.

Regional Mapping

Become familiar with the region in which you will drive. Purchase yourself a map for the region in which you will drive and study it. Learn shortcuts and back roads. A truck routing GPS may also be essential. Although if you do purchase a GPS you should not totally depend on it. Familiarize yourself with traffic patterns in the region. In other words, know what times traffic in the area is at its peak and when it is at its lowest point of the day. It is very possible that you will be taking the same or similar routes while on a regional run.

Regional Trucking Companies

When looking for a company to work for be sure to talk to a recruiter and ask them any questions that you may have. Some companies may require previous experience while others may not require any at all. The bigger a trucking company, the more options they have to offer. Regional trucking positions usually consist of you going to a few dedicated customers all the time while with bigger companies you may stay in the region and go to hundreds of different customers. There are food industries and mass retailers that more than likely often regional runs. Do your research on companies before applying. See who offers the most money for your experience.

The Right Company for You

The best way to find a decent company that meets your desires is to talk to other drivers. Ask other drivers about their personal experience at the company and rather or not they recommend the company. Pay attention to how long they have been employed with the company. If you don’t have time to talk to any drivers go to a truck stop and pick up truck papers and magazines. In the truck papers and magazines you will be able to find contact information for companies and testimonials. If none of those options are suitable for you, go around your local area and ask if they have any regional runs.

Lastly, regional truck driving can be just as rewarding as local and over the road trucking. Do your research and make the best decision for yourself and trucking career. If you don’t find anything right away be patience but consistent.