Truckers Logic Sponsoring Brandon Hot Rod Hempleman


Truckers-logic-logoWe have struck a multi-fighter sponsorship deal with Alfred Benson at Fight Path Consulting! We are happy to announce the support to Brandon “Hot Rod” Hempleman and Matthew Jones! We look forward to a long relationship with these guys and are amped to see them throw down in their two events in August! WSOF12 is going to be huge and it would be great to have everyone at Truckers Logic and Big Rig Ebooks in Brandon’s corner. It will be on national television, August 9th, 2014, at 8:00PM. Truckers Logic fans, Hot Rod and Jones fans, be sure to check it out. NBC Sports, 8:00PM.

Truckers Logic and Big Rig Ebooks are proud to say that we are in #WSOF Fighter Brandon “Hot Rod” Hemplemans corner for his upcoming bout at #WSOF12! Go check 10559671_515689431866505_7484338443545481260_nBrandon’s page out! He is one tough fella! We hope that all our fans will get behind Brandon and show him the support that you give us on a daily basis. August is quickly approaching and will be here quickly. To learn how you can get behind Brandon too, visit Fight Path Consulting today.

Truckers LogicĀ is also glad to be in the corner of these great young fighters! These young men are the real deal and both were victorious in safe_imagetheir Muay Thai fights in Japan. Big shout out to Hunter VanHoose and Kojiro VanHoose! They both fight again real soon!