Truck Driving Tips: How to Stay Focused During the Long Drives


A career in truck driving is certainly a lucrative one, but it can be quite the opposite of exciting on long stretches of country roads – it’s hard to stay focused when many hours and distant work sites are combined. Many drivers have to push on even when they’re tired which could result in a major concern of impaired driving, so we’ve put together some tips which will keep you focused on the road ahead.

Cold Water, Healthy Snacks & Bubble Gum

One of the reasons why you start to feel drowsy and sluggish is the rise in body temperature. That’s why it’s important to keep your AC on, but you can also keep this temperature cool by drinking plenty of water – the colder, the better. We know that bags of chips and candy bars are everyone’s guilty pleasure but in order to acquire the right amount of energy you need to stick to protein-packed snacks such as fruit, seeds, and almonds. That doesn’t mean you should snack endlessly – chewing bubble gum is equally efficient when it comes to keeping your mind awake and brain active.

Make Use of Your Breaks

We don’t even need to mention it’s mandatory to catch at least 8 hours of sleep every night, but it’s also important to take short naps every few hours which will re-energize your mind and body. Nevertheless, brakes shouldn’t be only for sleeping – getting some fresh air and stretching is equally important, and you should also use them to train and sharpen your mind. Crosswords and Sudoku are quite helpful, but since you might meet other drivers during brakes it might also be useful to keep a portable board game in your cabin, like a portable backgammon set or even a compact chess set.

Laughs & Sing-alongs

Even when there are no colleagues around, there are other numerous sources of entertainment – satellite radio, audiobooks, podcasts. There is a whole world of stories and opinions out there, able to keep you entertained, alert, and engaged. You can’t fall asleep if you’re laughing aloud to a stand-up comedy, right? If you create a playlist of songs you know the words to, sing-alongs will surely keep you awake and energized. With today’s streaming music services you don’t have to haul a bunch of CDs and you’re not dependent on the radio.

Sight & Smell

You might not realize, but when you stare at the road for long periods of time you tend to blink a lot less. This can dry your eyes and decrease your vision, so keep your eye drops at hand and use them the moment you feel your eyes getting the slightest bit dry. If you’re wearing contact lenses don’t start your trip without an extra pair since you never know when you’re gonna need a quick change. Clear sight is mandatory, but the smell is equally helpful to stay focused – a quick sniff of essential oils will stimulate your brain’s nervous system and keep you alert more efficient than sugar rush or caffeine.

As you can see, the right smells are equally important as clear sight, and laughter and singing are powerful tools. Brakes are not only for naps, but they’re also a great opportunity to train your brain, stretch and catch a breath of fresh air. Snacks are a good thing as long as they’re healthy, but it’s mandatory to stay hydrated.