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Truck Driving Tips: How to Stay Focused During the Long Drives

A career in truck driving is certainly a lucrative one, but it can be quite the opposite of exciting on long stretches of country roads - it’s hard to stay focused when many hours...
Avoiding Trucker Fatigue

Easy Ways To Prevent Fatigue

With 80,000 pounds barreling down the interstate at 70 mph, swarmed by cars, motorcycles, and other surprise hazards, a semi should not be in the hands of a fatigued driver. Drowsiness, frankly, makes you...
Long-Haul Truck Driving

Long-Haul Truck Driving – Over The Road Trucking

Long-Haul Truck Driving Pros And Cons A large percentage of new truck drivers will likely start their trucking careers as long-haul truck drivers, also commonly known as over-the-road. Being a long-haul truck driver isn't easy....