Truck Driving Jobs – Good Money in a Bad Economy


truck driver jobsOnce you have obtained your CDL and made sure you drove safely and responsibly, you’ll never be hurting for good truck driving jobs. Honestly, if you are a good driver and have a clean driving record. Truck driving jobs will be easy to come by. I’ve been driving for almost 7 years now. I switched truck driving jobs 3 1/2 years ago during the great recession. And then I switched back to my original truck driving job a year later. I originally switched to an LTL carrier and didn’t like the atmosphere of pressure from layoffs and the seniority game. Once those guys get 15 years under their belt they tend to get lazy. Well, you know they have earned their spot at 15 years. But, it bothered me that they could send me home in favor of some other guy that has more time. I figure if you hire me for a job, then I will do the job to the best of my ability. However, don’t hire me and butter me up for lot’s of work time and then cut my hours from one week to the next.

Nonetheless, as a successful truck driver you will always be able to find a truck driving job. Whether it be local, regional, long-haul or specialized. And if you find a good stable company where the management understands what they are doing, you’ll always have the opportunity to run the miles and earn the money. Never forget that a truck driving job is just an opportunity to run miles and earn money. They are never going to hand you money for doing nothing. But, if you run those miles and keep the wheels turning you will make good money at your truck driving job. It may take you some time to find that “perfect” or “good enough” truck driving job. And make sure that you give each company some time to help get you to a place in your career that is comfortable for you. Don’t just bail on a company because you had a tough week or month. Make sure you get all the facts before you ditch the job. They may have some type of dedicated work that would get you home every night and you may not even know it. This is because you are so mad at the company for “continually screwing you over“. Well guess what? There’s always a “feeling out” process going on. And if you don’t have your eyes open to the positive you may not now about the stuff that could benefit you.

At the end of the day, you may have to make a change. And as we said before, if you have taken care of your driving record. You will easily be able to find another good truck driving job. Even in a bad economy, there’s many truck driving jobs available and with the new hours-of-service rules that were just implemented. As well as the new technology being added that makes it harder to cheat the system (which I do not recommend, ever!). Because of these two added obstacles, there’s even more truck driving jobs being added all the time. Plus, there are thousands of prospective truck drivers that do not do their research and don’t know what they are getting into. This causes them to quit before they even get started. So, if you are a competent person that isn’t afraid to work. Go get your CDL, go to a truck driving school and get a truck driving job.

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