Study Tips For The Commercial Drivers License


Taking the CDL can be a nerve-racking experience, even for those who are fresh out of truck driving school.  Not everyone is a great test taker, in fact, a lot of those who do well on tests go through the same level of anxiety.  The only way to combat these nerves is preparation.  Luckily, there is a lot of great help out there online and via the DMV, actually.  Just follow these study tips to get the most out of your study efforts and pass the CDL test with flying colors.

Changing How We View Tests

It’s easy to psyche ourselves out when it comes to tests.  They feel unnatural, disconnected, and designed to make us fail sometimes, but that’s not actually true.  When it comes to the CDL test, the format is very familiar and isn’t very tricky, as long as you know the material that is covered in the CDL handbook.

To overcome test anxiety and not freak out over an unexpectedly worded question, despite knowing the material, you must practice answering these questions.  The practice tests available at the DMV are accurate representations of the real deal, except the nouns and variables are just switched around.

Know What To Study

That’s right! Many times we don’t study the right things, and this will hurt us long-term. For example, you should know if you have to study the general knowledge test 1 – free cdl practice tests or if you should be focusing on the air brakes endorsement, etc. Many states will have different requirements which is why it’s important to know what you should be study, etc.

Don’t Rush Study-time

For many poor test-takers, they often shoot themselves in the foot by cramming all their studying into a handful of days or even the day before they are scheduled to take their test.  Don’t do that.  Your brain will naturally rebel and store a weak memory of all the material you went over the night before.  Slow and steady wins the race here.  By mastering each type of question before moving onto the next, you are creating more than just memorizations of them, you are turning it into a habit, a routine.

If it is at all possible, try recruiting a friend or family member to help you study, even if they possess no prior knowledge or experience about commercial truck driving.  Having someone quiz you like your teacher, only far less intimidating, is extremely useful for absorbing material quickly and effectively.

Knowing When You’re Ready

Once you’ve reliably scored high marks on the practice tests available online and through the DMV, you are ready for the real thing.  Now, don’t ruin all this preparation and studying by forcing your testing date in-between a busy and hectic week.  Try to have it on a free day with nothing else that could distract you.  Wake up, eat a good breakfast, watch some cartoons or sports to get you in a relaxed state, and when you arrive at the DMV, try to occupy your mind with a magazine or casual browsing on your smartphone.

You should avoid trying to cram more study time on the way to your test, you should have confidence in all your studying leading up to the test date.  When you’re taking the test, remember that it’s okay to skip questions you feel stumped about and return to them when you reach the end.  Always stay cool, calm, and positive until you get your results.

Final Thoughts

As long as you have the right study tips, then you can proceed to increase the likelihood of doing well on the cdl examination. There are many sites which offer a lot of free tests. Here is one cool resource right now – free general knowledge cdl test –

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