Truck Driver CDL Practice Test


 Truck Driver Practice CDL Test

Here’s a great video for truck drivers getting ready to take their CDL test. If any of you are thinking of becoming a truck driver, this video will benefit you also. This will give you a great general idea of what to expect when you begin to take your CDL test. And for reference, we’re going to go ahead and explain the CDL test below as well.

CDL Test Written Exams

Before you’re allowed to ever drive a commercial vehicle, you’ll have to pass your state’ written exam CDL test. Your CDL written exam will be basic general questions about driving. Depending on what type of truck you’ll be driving, you’ll also see questions about that and any other endorsement you may be going after. For example, if you driving a hazardous truck with air breaks, you’ll also have to get your air break endorsement and hazmat endorsement.

Each state has different written CDL text exams. In one state, you may take your CDL written exam on a computer and in another state, it may be on paper. Some states have time limits on their written exams, while some states may give you all the time you need. It would be wise on your part to call your local DMV and ask them about the process of the written CDL test. It’s better to prepared and know what your getting into.

From what I know and heard over the years, your written CDL exam will have around 50-75 questions in all. This may have changed since I took mine and every state has different CDL test. I would expect that you’ll see around 25-50 questions for the general knowledge segment and around 25 questions for each endorsement. There’s a ton of practice CDL test and practice CDL training guides online, many are free. Most of the basic questions are easy and more common sense then trucking knowledge. Just make sure you go through a few CDL practice test, study and you’ll be good on that segment.

Here’s a free CDL practice test for you to practice and learn for your CDL test.

Pre-Trip Inspection

As you prepare for your commercial driver’s license (CDL), there’s a few different things you’re going to want to prepare for. The other part of your CDL test that you have to pass is the pre-trip inspection segment. The best advice that we can give you for this part of your CDL test is to make sure you take your test with a truck you know. If you know your truck inside out, you’ll pass this section of your CDL test with ease. If you’re not familiar with your truck, you need to learn it inside out.

The practice CDL test below is for your Class A CDL Air-Break License. If your truck has air-breaks, you’ll be required to take this text. You’ll also have to pass a written CDL exam on air-breaks as well. Here’s a free practice CDL test for the written portion of your air-break test. Again, you can find hundreds of practice CDL test questions online.

Class A CDL Practice Air-Break Test

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