The “Walking Dead” Season 6 Premier Starts Tonight

The Walking Dead Season 6 Premier
Image Source: AMC
The Walking Dead Season 6 Premier
Image Source: AMC

The Walking Dead Story Sequence

AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead” is back tonight for its Season 6 premier and we’re hearing that this season is going to take you on a wild ride. The Season 6 premier of The Walking Dead jumps back and forth in time, putting the past in black-and-white, the present in vibrant color. The season premier episode, titled “First Time Again,” is constructed as a daring, somewhat complex plan to corral and contain a large number of walkers, led by no other than lead character Rick Grimes.

Rick And Morgan Reunited

After months of speculation and wait, October 11th is finally here and so is Season 6 of The Walking Dead. One of the show’s biggest questions is the reunion of Rick Grimes and Morgan Jones. The two have bumped into one another a time or two over the years. Morgan was unstable back then, but certainly not now. In fact, Morgan may have it together more than Rick does. Could that spell trouble for Rick? Morgan? Maybe both?

We do know that the two will find common ground but we’ll also see conflict and turmoil between the two. Morgan’s new Zen-like personality with Rick’s aggressive nature? Why wouldn’t they find common ground, right?

A New Villain?

According to the The Walking Dead comic book, we may be on the horizon of a new villain. And if so, it could be one that puts the Governor to shame. Season 5 of The Walking Dead left more question than answers, as it always does. And as we’re learned from the past, come to expect the unexpected.

What Becomes Of Alexandria?

The once peaceful community of Alexandria is now in turmoil. With Deanna’s husband now dead, Rick’s public enemy one Pete now gone and Morgan left with an unfamiliar stare on his face, you can bet your bottom dollar tonight’s Season 6 90 minute premier is going to be action packed. But the story doesn’t pick up there. Rather, the season premier will catch you up in dramatic fashion to what has become of Alexandria and its people.

Alexandrians are not happy that Rick and his group are behind the walls of the community. And with the community’s leader Deanna on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the situation in Alexandria couldn’t be more dire. How does Rick now play into the leadership at Alexandria? Changes are ahead for sure, but like we’ve seen in the past, Rick always seems to find a way out of the madness.

And The Outcome?

Many questions will be answered tonight during The Walking Dead Season 6 Premier, but where it takes the show is still a mystery. We know that Morgan will play his biggest role yet. How many Alexandrians will side with Rick and will Deanna turn her back on Rick after the death of her husband? Are Rick’s group members in jeopardy and who will be the first to die? Only time will tell. Be sure to catch the Season 6 Premier of The Walking Dead tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST.