Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most popular new models to be released out on to the market. This is one of the high tech new releases to be produced under the Samsung Galaxy brand. It has undergone some slight improvements, which have refined the utility that people could expect to get from this release as well. It features plenty of high tech features that will establish the Samsung Galaxy S5 as a flagship phone model for people to use. It does have some impressive specs and a useful interface, which will combine to help people employ this phone for different projects.

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Who Will Want To Use The Samsung Galaxy S5?

Truck drivers could actually get a fair amount of utility out of this model. This is thanks to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB has plenty of storage for the phone that they want to use. It also has a wide screen, which will give users plenty of space for the projects that they want to complete. The Samsung Galaxy s5 has been designed to feature a screen that will rival many tablet designs. The 5.1″ touch screen is also highly responsive, which will help users get all the functionality that they need.

Technical Specs To Expect With The Samsung Galaxy S5.

The screen on this device has been designed to feature 1080p technology. This means that users can view pictures and video clips with brilliant picture quality, adding to the experience available to people out there as well. It does come fitted with a 16 megapixel camera, which will be perfect for taking some of the most high quality images people can get. The 16 GB storage and 2 GB RAM capability will make this a very responsive phone model for people to test out for themselves.

Other Unique Features Included

This phone model has been equipped with a unique GPS feature. This will enable people to customize their experience and it may be particularly useful for truckers as well. It has been designed for use with Verizon Wireless networks, which will expand the network coverage that people can get. It will help link users up with a highly responsive network and support for the projects that they want to complete. Verizon’s fast paced 4 LGE network will link people up with a surprising amount of support for these devices. Users will be able to customize their experience and make the most out of the Samsung Galaxy s5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Dependable

For myself as a truck driver, I have to have a smartphone that is dependable. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has yet to drop one call and it is a durable smartphone. I love all the extra features and it’s perfect for downtime or at the truck stop. Connection is important and I’ve traveled all over the country with this phone. The Samsung Galaxy has always picked up a signal. Starting at just $99, you can beat the price on a dependable, multi-featured smartphone for the road.