Money Saving Tips for Truck Drivers

Money Saving Tips
Money Saving Tips

The life of a truck driver is spent on the open road.  The world is their oyster.  The work days are long and the nights are short.  It is so easy to spend a lot more money than intended, when there are so many options right in front of you.


Cell Phones and Wi-Fi


Internet is a necessity with a life on the road.  Internet use can add up quickly if you’re relying solely on the 3G connection from your phone.  It is important to know about your plan and how much data you have and use each month.  You may not realize how quickly you use your data, but once you go over, the additional charges will not be pretty.  Using free Wi-Fi whenever it is available is an easy way to conserve the data plan on your phone and avoid overages on your bill.  Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi available somewhere if you are stopped and sign in to it!  Starbucks and McDonald’s are two places that offer free Wi-Fi.


Food Frenzy


You finish a long day at work and you’re not in the mood to cook.  You know you haven’t done your grocery shopping for the week.  Like any reasonable person, you can’t grocery shop while you’re hungry because you will just buy that much more.  So what else do we see but none other than those big, golden arches in the distance?  It seems like the perfect solution. We’ve all been there.  But, eating fast food everyday, multiple times a day is unhealthy and expensive.  If you stop at the drive thru twice a day, everyday, you could easily be spending over $100 in a week.


So, what’s the solution? Make the decision you no longer want to be eating unhealthy and plan ahead!  In order to do this, you can purchase a portable refrigerator. This will allow you to prepare meals in advance and keep them in the truck with you!  If you’re looking for ideas on what to prep and cook, try Pinterest for quick, healthy meal plans. Then you can stop at the local grocery store in your area, Walmart or dollar store to pick up groceries.  Economically eating on the road is easy, if you’re creative!


Truck Driver Deals


Taking advantage of deals while on the road is another easy way to save money.  Most companies offer rewards cards.  It only makes sense to take them if you are going to be stopping at those places a lot anyways!  The rewards card can often save you money on items occasionally.  According to All Truck Jobs, some of these stops will give you something free like a shower or a drink, after purchasing so much diesel.  


Many companies provide services at their company terminals.  Some companies have laundry facilities.  Pack enough clothes to last you while you are driving, stop at a company terminal with a laundry facility and do your laundry there for free! Find out specifically what your company offers at their terminals, so you can take advantage, plan ahead and start saving money!  
Start changing your lifestyle just a little bit at a time and be more cautious of what you are spending your money on! Living life on the road as a trucker doesn’t have to cost you more than you make!  Saving money is just one of the many ways you can obtain a healthier lifestyle and with the constant focus to maintain a safe commute to avoid any chance of a truck accident, money will be one less concern.