Fleet Safety Council’s Annual Educational Conference Includes Mock Trial


Fleet Safety Council Educational Annual ConferenceJodi Burness, president and lead paralegal of Burness Paralegal Services, will be bringing the drama of the courtroom – and the important lessons to be learned from it – to the Fleet Safety Council’s Annual Educational Conference in Niagara Falls this November.

Burness and her team of paralegal experts will be conducting a Mock Trial where safety professionals will witness firsthand the proceedings and workings of a courtroom and what to expect and prepare for. It’s a great opportunity for all transportation professionals to witness such events in person.

“Aligned with topics already addressed in the FSC Annual Educational Conference agenda, you will be treated to a court room like setting with a judge, prosecutor, witness and defense as they go head to head in a scenario that will leave you on the edge of your seat trying to decide the outcome. Jodi will explain how the charges were laid, related developing information and how to appropriately provide a defence in court,” says the FSC in a release.

Combining her knowledge of the trucking industry with her passion for the legal system Burness has established a reputation as one of Ontario’s foremost legal authorities on commercial motor vehicle charges, specializing in Ministry of Transportation offences.

Having worked on both sides of the aisle, as both a defence agent, and as a prosecutor for the Country of Lambton, Burness has established a reputation as one of the most thorough, dedicated and well respected court agents in the province. The insight gained through more than a decade of prosecuting and, most importantly, defending CMV charges and charges under the Highway Traffic Act is an invaluable commodity.

The Mock Trial is part of a full agenda planned for The Fleet Safety Council’s 23rd Annual Educational Conference to be held at the Marriott Gateway Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls Ontario November 7-9, 2014.

The event brings together fleet safety professionals from the truck, bus and courier industries as well as insurance and many other related businesses to discuss the latest in driver training, staff development and risk management techniques.

The Annual Educational Conference is a venue for professionals from across Ontario, representing a transportation sector workforce of more than 68,500. It is an opportunity to connect with industry peers while learning valuable safety-related skills and information that can be directly applied to the workplace.

Fleet Executive, a Transportation Media publication, is once again the official media sponsor of the event. Transportation Media publisher and editorial director Lou Smyrlis will be leading a panel on how to improve road safety from an OEM, Technology, Regulatory and Insurance perspective.