Flatbed Trucking Pros And Cons


The Pros of Flatbed Trucker Jobs

flatbed trucking pros and consFlatbed truckers transport stores of goods that are massive or awkward, and need to be transported accordingly. Many people go into the sub-field of working as a flatbed trucker for the pay scale. Flatbed truck drivers will usually earn around $20 dollars an hour or more. Many other drivers in other sub-fields won’t be able to earn anywhere near that much. Drivers that already have the basic skills can get a lot out of their jobs as flatbed truckers.

People that enjoy traveling may also enjoy working as flatbed truckers. They will get the opportunity to see many new places on the job. Not everyone enjoys being indoors all day in an office environment, regardless of the pay scale involved. For some people, being able to hit the open road on a regular basis is all the more reason to become involved with flatbed trucking. Flatbed trucking also involves very specialized driving skills, meaning the truckers that can compete in an environment like that will probably have an advantage in almost any related job market.

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The Cons of Flatbed Trucker Jobs

Flatbed trucking is difficult work. The majority of full-time employees will put in forty-hour work weeks. On the same week, a flatbed truck driver will put in sixty hours. These workers are essentially working a part-time and a full-time job all in one. During stressful periods where truckers are working under tight deadlines, they may find themselves putting in even more hours than that.

More to the point, the simple act of driving a flatbed truck loaded with cargo is more challenging than the act of driving similar trucks. Drivers will have to modify their road technique accordingly, in addition to handling the cargo. Truck drivers will need a higher level of concentration when they are handling a flatbed truck.

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There’s also no getting around the fact that many workers in other fields will be able to socialize with their coworkers on a regular basis. They will be able to meet people and form new friendships with all the new people around them. Flatbed truck drivers just won’t be able to do so, since they’ll be on the road alone. More to the point, their jobs may literally and figuratively distance them from their families and existing friends. Flatbed trucker jobs are certainly not for everyone, but they can be very rewarding for anyone interested in getting involved.