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Big Rig Ebooks was designed to give truck drivers a resource to trust and rely on. Although Big Rig Ebooks has only been around for a few months, the Big Rig staff has decades of trucking experience. Here at Truckers Logic, In just a few short months, we’ve added several great features that will benefit all truck drivers. Not only truckers, Big Rig Ebooks is also for trucking families, giving you a voice of your own. We appreciate all your support and invite you all to join Big Rig Ebooks. It’s absolutely free to join, so be sure to subscribe and create your profile!

Big Rig Ebooks Trucking Series

Our educational training trucking books are designed to help new and experienced truck drivers. The Big Rig Ebook series consist of 5 trucking books that range in subject manner. Rookie truck drivers have access to “How to be a Truck Driver,” giving you insight and knowledge about everything you’ll need to know as a rookie truck driver. New truck drivers also have access to the Big Rig “Trucker Training Guide,” giving you a step above the competition and a stronger path when starting your career.

 Veteran truck drivers can also find our educational book series helpful, with books such as “Truck Driver’s Guide to Health and Wellness” or Company Driver VS Owner Operator.” We know health is a big issue with truck drivers and we’ve given you a detailed guide how you can stay healthy on the road. You’ll also learn the pros and cons of being a company driver compared to owning your own operation. Lastly, we have a book teaching you how to start your own small business. Since all our trucker training books are priced at $0.99, you can get the entire series for only $14.95! You can afford to not get them, these guides and their benefits are priceless.

Big Rig Ebooks just launched truck driver forums, giving all truckers a voice to share their opinions. If I know truckers, you have something to say! This gives all truck drivers an area to write, learn, interact, and share. Again, all you have to do is subscribe to are page and you’ll have full access to all the benefits of Big Rig Ebooks.

If you’re out on the open road and you’re needing traffic cams or road updates, Truckers Logic has you covered. Our road conditions and traffic cam links can be found on our blog! Also, we have the “Ladies Lounge.” This is where trucking families can interact, share recipes, share ideas and learn. We also have “What’s Your Opinion,” a segment that gives anyone the opportunity to voice what ever they want to talk about. You can also find useful trucking links and dozens of useful articles for truck drivers.

Big Rig Ebooks and Truckers Logic appreciates all your support and we hope all truckers will come by and interact. Truckers are an unique group and I know for myself, we have one another’s back. Always, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, let us know! Big Rig Ebooks is focused on being the best truck driver blogs. We want to help all truckers become better drivers and help new truck drivers with a rewarding career in the trucking industry. We hope all of you enjoy all the benefits of Big Rig!


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