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Equality, Gay Rights And The New Proposed American Flag

How about the last two weeks? What a few weeks it has been. Welcome to Truckers Logic and our favorite segment Big Rig Talk, where we discuss news headlines and I let you know how I feel. We hold nothing back ladies and gentlemen, so you know this is going to be a good one. To the board!

Social Media Explodes

No other story caught world attention like the announcement that the United States will now approve gay marriage in all 50 states. The story nearly shut down social media platforms as everyone and then some expressed their opinions. As a country founded on God and the Bible, many were outraged. But many others were in support for gay rights and equality.

Perhaps the biggest voice in all of this was the Christian community. While we are taught to not judge anyone, Christians took to social media to express their hate to the gays. Some of the comments I read were down right disgraceful, disrespectful. While I understand why a Christian would be against this type of ruling, I was surprised at the backlash and terrible things that were said.

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Are Gay Rights Right

All of us should support the United States and our government to the fullest. But what we see is a divided America. Funny that it worked this way as our government parties are just as divided. I found it funny how so many hated Obama prior and now beg at his feet. Is Bible prophecy coming true? Sure sounds like it, I’ve heard this happening somewhere before.

Gay rights, well, we’re all human. Every human should have rights, gay or not. More than anytime before, gay rights exist now. In all 50 states. Is it right or wrong? Simple answered, it’s not my call. In the end, every gay man or woman will have to meet their maker. Same for the rest of us, so we’re no different.

I’ll never be a supporter of gay rights. I don’t believe in it. To obtain life, you need a male and female. Humans, dogs, cats, horses, bears, it’s called the circle of life, you watched that in the Lion King. Sure, it’s also said in the Bible that the union should be with a male and female. While all of this is true, it still doesn’t make it wrong or right.

10,000 In Support For The Rainbow Flag

This is what pissed me off this morning. Having their gay rights and equality just wasn’t enough, these supporters wanted to change the damn American flag. WTF? Are you f****** serious?

What a disrespect to our troops, soldiers, marines and veterans. I’ve never been so pissed. Gays, you have your rights now as equals. That’s more than enough for you. Don’t go around trying to change our damn flag, are you serious??? To all of you that signed this petition, shame on you! Be happy that you have equality. The world celebrates it.

You’re not changing my American flag and I’m pretty damn sure all of those that fought for this great country will open a can of whoop ass on you for thinking it. This just blows my mind. Some people don’t know when to quit. You better get to enjoying your new rights because you are losing supporters for this and if you want to keep those rights, you should stop while you’re ahead.

Soldiers Furious Over Rainbow Flag Proposal

I usually don’t interview others for my Big Rig Talk segments, but I had to go find some soldiers to talk to about changing to a rainbow flag. “That’s a disrespectful move,FCS Matt Horner told Truckers Logic. “I just don’t see it happening. A lot of us support their equal rights, I don’t know that I do now. Myself, I feel your disrespecting me and the proud country we fight for, we die for. This pisses me off, no doubt.

Every soldier that I talked to this morning felt disrespected about the proposed rainbow flag. All of them stated that they supported equal rights and that this has changed that view. But we can’t cast judgement because of a few idiots, this is just a small percentage of supporters.

I ask that you leave our flag be,” Charlie Walden told Truckers Logic. Charlie is a female, Charlie and her girlfriend were nice enough to discuss changing the American flag. “I would never support changing the flag. These are likely more gay supporters and political connected people than actual gays supporting the flag change. Anyone or any group trying to change the American flag should quit such an act, it’s not right. Look how long we had to wait for equal rights, don’t ruin it for us.”