Young Child Found Driving Semi-Truck On Facebook

Young Kid Caught Driving Semi Truck

Video of a young boy driving a big-rig semi-truck has surfaced on social media and made its way to the news. The man recording the video is believed to be a truck driver based in Utah and responsible for recording the video.

The young boy in the video looks to be very young. However, the child’s identity is hid in this video. You can clearly see the terrain outside of the truck and we know the location is most certainly in the West but where?

Young Kid Caught Driving Semi Truck

The video was initially posted on the Facebook page of Mike Gustuson who according to his Facebook profile, lives in Millcreek, Utah and drives for a company called Ship Ex out of Salt Lake City. This is where officials are focused and likely the state the video was filmed in.

The initial video is a minute long and shows the little boy driving at what I would consider “highway speeds.” Several cars go by during the short video. Most of the cars passing by are on the opposite side of the highway but the video shows at least one car passing the semi truck in the passing lane.

KUTV first covered the video and the response from the Utah Highway Patrol. “I was honestly extremely shocked, seeing a child behind the wheel of a semi,” said Lt. Jeff Nigbur with Utah Highway Patrol. “I’ve been working 15 years along the Wasatch Front and I’ve never ever seen anything like that.

According to sources, the video was quickly removed after the responsible parties involved caught wind of the social media and news coverage the video brought on.

It’s a semi, we have no idea what’s in that vehicle,” said Nigbur. “The child does obviously not have a license or a CDL and is not experienced. He could’ve killed somebody.

And to beat it all, at the end of the video, the boy ask the passenger to take the wheel as he is scared.

I kind of understand where he’s coming from as a father, having some good father-son bonding time, but honestly, that’s just not the way to do it,” said Nigbur.

Criminal charges are possible if the parties can be identified.

We’re curious to get your take on this one. What do you think of the video?