Truckers Logic Top Truck Driver Contest


Top Truck Driver Contest


Truckers Logic is a proud supporter of truck drivers and to honor that commitment, we’re looking for the top truck drivers across the world. The TL Top Truck Driver Contest is very simple and easy to apply for. All you have to do is to send us a video or article that explains all your accomplishments as a truck driver. We want to know what kinds of trucks you’ve drove, how many miles have you logged, how many years of experience you have and any other major accomplishment you may have had. We also want a picture of you with your truck! It’s that simple!

This the first Top Truck Driver Contest we’ve ever had and we want to make it special for you. Our panel of truck drivers will be judging the contest. So, what does the winner get? The winner of the Top Truck Driver Contest will get a full year of marketing for the company or truck driver of their choice. You’ll also receive a published article highlighted on our blog! If you are a owner operator, we’re going to promote you for a full year! All together, this marketing package will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people and is worth over $5,000!

The Truckers Logic Top Truck Driver Contest officially starts on February 15th and will run to April 14th. The winner will be announced on April 15th. We ask that you provide truthful answers. If we find that you misrepresented any facts, you will be automatically disqualified. We hold the rights to disqualify anyone based on their application. We require you to please leave a contact number, contact email and a picture. All entry applicants can send emails and videos to

Top Truck Driver Contest Requirements

  • Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Number
  • Picture With Truck
  • Company
  • Experience
  • Miles Logged