Truck Driver Pulls Over Cop For Speeding

Truck Driver Pulls Over Speeding Cop

Truck Driver Pulls Over Cop On Video

Truck Driver Pulls Over Speeding CopTruck driver Brian Miner was driving alone when an Illinois State Trooper went speeding by him on a cell phone. The roads were wet that day, it could have easily caused a wreck. Remember, it’s against the law to drive while operating a phone. Rather then just stand idle, Miner took matters into his own hands. Miner drove his truck and caught up with the state trooper. Brian continuously blew his horn until the state trooper finally stopped. Brian then caught the action on video.

Now, while we wouldn’t advise you to do this at home, we have to commend Brian for what he done. We’ve all been pulled over by the cop that thinks he is above the law. While it was Brian that actually pulled over the speeding trooper, you get the point. This is a great example of a cop breaking the law. Think about it, who is going to pull over a speeding state trooper on the phone? Nobody but Brian did.

The state trooper didn’t write a ticket but he did see the point of why Brian pulled him over. He was graceful about it and for that, we have to appreciate his understanding. Was it because of the video? We may never know but it does make a point to the fact that as Brian said, “we all have to share the same road.” Enjoy the video.