Please Move Over For All Emergency Vehicles – It’s the Law


This is a news story that was done in Utah about the “Move Over Law”. This law is in place in most of the states around the country. We in the truck driving community need to take the lead in keeping the Troopers safe. After all we are the professional drivers on the road. I know that sometimes there are four-wheelers that are impeding our ability to move over. Guess what? We have brake pedals too and we should use them to keep these fellas safe. I don’t personally know the Trooper who’s car was hit. However, Trooper Hansen is my brother-in-law and I don’t want his kids to associate me with some idiot truck driver that killed or maimed their father. So take a minute to watch this video. Know that this is the law in most states and always keep your eyes peeled for not only emergency vehicles, but any vehicles on the shoulder of the road. Then do the professional thing and move over so that you don’t end up killing someone. This information could save you some money and it could also keep you out of prison for vehicular manslaughter. I’m sure that the truck driver that side swiped this Trooper isn’t going to see a Pilot or Flying J for quite some time. I remember last year there were many Utah Troopers hit along the stretch of I-15 that I routinely drive. As a truck driver you need to realize that Troopers and the motoring public are just as common as the white lines or mile markers on the road. We are the professionals on the road and we have to act like it. So save yourself some time and money by moving over for vehicles in the emergency lane, whether they are emergency vehicles or not. This is something you should have been taught since day 2 of your CDL training. Remember, take 2 to 3 seconds to save yourself from hours if not years of headache.