Mack, Volvo Discontinue 16-Liter Diesel

Volvo And Mack Discontinue 16 Liter Diesel Engine

On January 20th, Volvo Trucks North America sent an announcement to dealers that production and distribution of its 16.1-liter D16 diesel engine will immediately be suspended. As for the company’s aftermarket services and support for all D16s in the market, this will continue unimpeded.

While Volvo had high stakes and investments in the 16-liter engine, it’s not the only major company to be involved by the discontinue. One of the Volvo’s sister companies, Mack Trucks, has tied with this specific engine. Mack’s MP10 16.1-liter diesel shares major design and production attributes with the D16 engine.

Why would Volvo discontinue such a high quality engine? According to Volvo’s spokesperson, the company made the decision based on limited demand for the large 16-liter diesel. On top of that, the company had concerns about the longevity investments that would be required to keep it on the market.

Volvo made a key point as to why the company was looking long-term at the product. The company spoke about trends Volvo was aware of in the North American trucking market. This industry is seeing higher trends and demand with smaller-displacement diesels. These engines are more efficient, lighter, and able close in power.

There’s rumors that Volvo’s 12.8-liter D13 diesel will be affected, but that’s inaccurate. Volvo plans to continue producing the engine for the North American market.

Volvo’s heavy-duty VNX model will remain in the lineup despite the news. The company is said to be in the process of looking for appropriate replacement engines.

Both the Volvo VNL and VNX models had options for the 16-liter diesel engine. The VNL will continue to be available with options such as the Volvo D11, Volvo D13 and Cummins X15 engines.

What about Mack? Unfortunately, Mack announced that the Titan will be discontinued. The news hasn’t went over well with loyal Mack and Titan owners. If there’s a silver lining, the company did state that they will provide a full-service aftermarket service and support to all Titan owners.