Kentucky Truck Driver Accused Of Rape Found Dead At Fife Truck Stop

Kentucky Truck Driver Accused Of Rape Found Dead

Kentucky Truck Driver Accused Of Rape Found Dead

A Kentucky man who is accused of raping a woman at a North Bend truck stop on Tuesday morning was found dead in the cab of his big rig at a truck stop in Fife a few hours later. Police are now looking for possible connections as they will use his DNA to search for other possible victims.

The truck driver, 44 year old Dushon Lyte Sr., was found dead in his cab about five hours later and 45 miles away, at Love’s Travel Stop in Fife, said Snoqualmie police Capt. Nick Almquist. Though his cause of death is still under investigation, Almquist said it appears the man may have died from some type of medical complication.

According to sources, the victim is in her 20s and has apparent mental issues. Reports stated that the female was not involved in prostitution. On Tuesday, she climbed into the back of Lyte’s rig where she was attacked. Employees and witnesses stated they knew something was wrong as she looked like she has been beat up.

She was transported to Overlake Medical Center for a rape examination and interview with police, who left her in the care of the hospital’s victim-resource center.

Lyte’s DNA will be entered into a national law-enforcement database to determine whether he is linked to unsolved sexual assaults following the alleged rape according to Snoqualmie police.