Home Time


We all like having home time from work, school, volunteering or all the other things that keep us busy.  For a truck driver home time becomes a little bit more valuable. When you get to see your family and friends only a couple days out of the month that home time is extremely needed. Make the most of the time you do get to spend with your family.  When my husband is home we try to get out and do things as a family and enjoy each others company.  I’m glad my husband gets the opportunities on the weekends to go watch his son at his Jiu-Jitsu lesson or watch his daughter at Ballet.  This is an important time to our kids because they get to share with their dad the things that they are involved in.  My husband also likes to have some one on one time with each of his kids. He will from time to time take one or the other out for an ice cream date with dad, or some other fun activity the two of them can do. Taking his daughter to the store and letting her buy “girlie” things puts a big smile on both of their faces. During the summer my son gets so excited to go fishing with his dad, time for just the boys!  We make sure to set aside some of that precious home time for the two of us.  Whether it’s having a nice dinner, watching a movie, or maybe even a couples massage.  We still take time to show that we love and care for each other.  I think this is very important when so much of your time as a couple is spent apart. This helps keep our marriage strong.

Unfortunately home time isn’t always as relaxing for him as he might want it to be.  The important thing is he makes the most of his home time.  He gets those errands done that only he can take care of such as doctors appointments for himself, renewing his drivers license or maybe getting something for his truck he normally wouldn’t have time to do.  That’s where his home time starts feeling not so much like home time, when he is constantly running around.  Getting such errands done should hopefully leave him with more free home time the next time he is home.

It’s important that he get the rest that he needs while on his home time so he is refreshed and ready to go back out when it’s time. As a truck driver he spends most of his day alone, but he is working and focused on the road.  I wouldn’t call this quality alone time.  That’s why my kids and I will also let him have some time to himself, to do the things HE wants to do. Lately he has been working a lot when he gets home to help other truck drivers on this blog and the eBooks he writes. Helping other drivers achieve the level of success he has risen to in his truck driving career has become his new passion. Although home time is a lot about the family, but it’s also important to let him have his time and space.  He can go spend time with friends and maybe just for a few hours gets to truly relax and not worry about anything but having a good time.