Flatbed Trucking


Flatbed Trucking And ResourcesFlatbed trucking is often considered to be the toughest trucking job in the industry. We also know that flatbed truck drivers are some of the highest paid trucking positions in the world. Flatbed trucking takes a different approach and skill set compared to other trucking positions. As an flatbed owner operator, this type of trucking can be extremely rewarding.

Flatbed trucking companies often pay more then traditional companies due to the demand of the job. Flatbeds are often used to haul some of the most unusual loads in the world. Flatbed cargo can easily exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Some flatbed trucking companies or flatbed owner operators specialize in flatbed trucking, this is the only type of hauling they do. Larger companies and fleet often keep flatbeds around just in case the situation should arise. Most are experienced enough to know that flatbed rates are often high and reap in big profits compared to other hauls.

Flatbed trucking does offer its own unique challenges and skill set. Flatbed trucking differs from other types. Rules and regulations for flatbed truck drivers are different, you have to be aware of this. Rookie truck drivers that want to start out as a flatbed truck driver may never get that chance, depending on the situation their in. Many men and women seek flatbed trucking jobs because they pay more. Competition can fierce for a flatbed trucker, even experienced flatbed owner operators.

Flatbed trucking is a very physical job. Some men and women may like the thought of staying healthy and in shape. If you’ve been in a cab, loading and unloading at the docks without much physical work, you may want to reconsider switching to a flatbed position. There’s a lot more work with flatbed trucking.

As a flatbed truck driver, your load and safety are priority one. Most flatbed loads that you will carry will have to be covered with a tarp. Flatbed loads will have to be tied down, strapped down or chained downed. Not only that, you’ll have to keep a close eye on your flatbed load. If your load comes off, you’ll be the one that has to answer for it. Rules require a flatbed trucker to check his load every few miles or within so many hours. Chains and straps can come lose, especially over bumpy roads and long drives. As a flatbed driver, your load is always on your mind.

Pay scales for flatbed truck drivers can differ. Some flatbed truck drivers are paid per mile, some are paid per load and others get a percentage of the revenue that the truck makes. It all depends if your an owner operator or driving for someone else. In most cases, you’ll be better off getting paid a percentage of the revenue, which often averages 24-27 percent for most.

One more last tips that we’ll leave you with is to be through. There’s a lot of paperwork as a flatbed driver. There’s a lot of detail that you need to pay attention to. From the pre-trip inspection process to hauling, you always want to pay attention to the details that pertain to the job and task at hand. Flatbed trucking is not for everyone but it can be quite rewarding.