Con-Way Driver Lucky To Be Alive


Con-way trucking accidentA Con-way truck was struck by a train in the small town of Topton, Pennsylvania, luckily the driver was isn’t in the truck. According to sources, 65 year old truck driver Alton Russell stop at a local diner to ask for directions. Russell made a very bad decision when he parked to get directions, he left his Con-way truck right on the train tracks. Moments later, Russell’s rig was hit by a train.

Pennsylvania State trooper State David Beohm was among the first to arrive after the incident, explaining that it was a case of stopping to ask for directions, but stopping in a very bad spot.

He stopped on the double set of railroad tracks, got out of his truck, and walked across the street to a local diner to ask for directions. He went into the diner and talked to somebody who gave him directions. He then came out of the diner and as he was walking towards his truck, the train came and hit the truck,” Boehm said.

The truck driver was charged and sent to jail. Thankfully, no one was injured during the event but the whole thing could have been avoided.