What Factors Should You Consider before Buying Truck Scales?

Truck weighing bridge
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If you’re in the transport industry, truck scales are important devices that you will need almost on a daily basis. With these scales, it is possible to easily check the axle and gross vehicle weights of a truck. These measurements are taken when freight vehicles are empty or loaded and can then be used to determine whether trucks are overloaded.

Why is it Essential to Use a Truck Scale?

For starters, most freight transporters must weigh cargo when charging by weight over bridges. On the other hand, too much load reduces the lifespan of a truck and compromises its performance on the road. In addition, overloaded trucks can cause damage to the tarmac, which is why governments place load limits for trucks (if exceeded, they can be valid grounds for being fined!).

Usually, the government mounts truck weighing scales at designated checkpoints so that truck drives can have the weight of their vehicles inspected by traffic authorities. However, truck owners still need to take a proactive approach to ensure that their trucks are not overloaded, in order to avoid fines and give their clients an accurate cost estimate.

How Can You Ensure You Get the Best Truck Scales?

You can take care of the above requirements and any others by investing in high-quality truck weighing scales. You should consider the following factors before making your purchase:

Utility and Operation

When it comes to mode of operation, truck weighing scales can either have a system of levers (mechanical) or digital load cells (electronic). Cross breeds between these two versions are usually called electromechanical scales. Each option has its own pros and cons, so find out which one would be ideal for your specific application.

Many modern weighbridges these days can also be connected to personal computers that run software utilities. Such scales can print tickets, provide weight reports and do much more, so be on the lookout for utility value while shopping for truck scales.

Power and Space Requirements

There are many different types of weighbridges/truck scales on the market, ranging from light and medium to heavy-duty scales. Sizes also vary depending on the model of the scale. Factor in the weight of your truck, power requirements and available storage space for scales before making a purchase.

Surface-mounted truck scales are mostly portable, which offers convenience to the truck driver. If you choose to go with a pit-mounted scale, make sure to research your local state rules for installing them.

Traffic Patterns and Weather Conditions

Truck weighing scales are designed for use in different environments. A scale designed for areas where there is snow will not be the same as one meant for dry regions. Before purchasing a scale, you should take into account the weather conditions of where it will be used as well as the area’s traffic patterns.

Maintenance Requirements and Intervals

With continued use, weighbridges must go through a thorough checkup and recalibration of cells at recommended intervals. Some scales require more frequent maintenance than others. Hence, check the periodic maintenance schedule from different brands when making comparisons and pick a reliable service provider who offers repair and calibration too.


Generally, these scales are either installed underground or on the road’s surface. The weighing equipment or platform for pit mounted truck scales remains level with the road while surface mounted scales rest on the road with a ramp placed a short distance away. In most cases, weighbridges usually have a concrete or steel platform, depending on the design.

Laws/Regulations Research

You should be conversant with all laws on truck scale standards and usage in your local area. In the US, truck scales should meet the State Weight and Measures Department requirements, but since laws vary by region, you should research your specific state truck scale regulations before making a purchase.

Bottom Line on Choosing a Truck Scale

Since these devices are available with a wide range of features and different options from a variety of manufacturers, take your time while making a decision. Before you spend money on a new truck scale, carefully evaluate all the factors involved and consider turning to specialists who can help you choose the right product for your needs.