Barrel Explosion At Graff Trucking Leaves Man With Life-Threatening Injuries

Graff Trucking Barrel Explosion
Graff Trucking Barrel Explosion
Source: WPXI

Barrel Explosion In Fawn Township Leaves One Man In Critical Condition

A barrel explosion at Graff Trucking in Fawn Township, Pennsylvania, has left one man with life-threatening injuries. The man was airlifted to a Pittsburgh hospital where he remains in critical condition.

According to local authorities, the man suffered several facial and head injuries during the explosion. The incident occurred yesterday around 4:30pm. Local citizens heard the blast from some distance and rushed to the streets to see what was the cause of the noise.

James Key was one of those citizens that shared his thoughts with WPXI in Pittsburgh. “We just heard a loud explosion,” James told WPXI, who was just down Bakerstown Road when he heard the noise. “I knew something was wrong because it’s pretty quiet out here. I was really sad, especially for the guy that’s injured.”

We do know that the man injured was not an employee of Graff Trucking. Instead, the man was visiting a Graff Trucking worker when a 55 gallon barrel exploded. At this time, we don’t know what the barrel was filled with. The county fire marshal is investigating the incident.

The name of the injured man has yet to be released at this time. We do know that the man is said to be in his 50s. Stay tuned to Truckers Logic for updates as they occur. You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more news and stories covering the trucking industry.